Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gutter Politics: The Liberal Party of Canada Website "redacts" the photo

“Nothing embarrasses the Liberals because they do not know the meaning of shame. They are without shame. They are shameless.” -Bob Rae

The Leader will NOT apologize for the targeted assassination photo hosted on the Liberal website.

"We need a better kind of politics," he said in the message, "a politics that relies not on spite and spin, but on civility and common purpose. That's what's demanded of us."-Michael Ignatieff

The redacted website cache.

More Insight from the Liberal Party "Gutter" Politics being EXPOSED by Canadians for A Strong and United Canada.

More bloggers share outrage over the character assassination by the Liberal Party of Canada. here, here .

Whereas the Liberal media busy interviewing the heroes for scaling the Parliament buildings, disrupting our negotiations in Copehagen, looking for abuse by Afghans on Afghans to help "push" shoe-gate?

Update: Here
Several bloggers – vociferous hyper-Liberal Jason Cherniak and McGuinty strategist Warren Kinsella among them – inferred that the image was making light of assassination. “[If] a person ‘jokes’ about shooting an opponent (or anyone), call the cops and let them sort it out,” wrote Kinsella under a screen shot of the hole-ridden graphic.

Apology Part One here

Upate 2

Jane Taber

Rick Mercer’s advice to Liberals: “First rule of photoshop – no posting of penis pics on politicians’ heads. Second rule – no assassinations.”
The comedian’s guidance comes as Stephen Harper is depicted being assassinated by Jack Ruby on a Liberal website. Not surprisingly there is outrage in the Tory ranks.

Liberal.ca is Now the Joke – Amateur hour at the Liberal Party Headquarters

Can the Liberals stoop any lower? Probably.

Do thoughts of Harper's assassination make Liberals smile?

Iffy’s Liberals run a photo contest

UPDATED: Oh, Liberals: Did you learn nothing from the puffin incident?

AFTERTHOUGHT DATE: As pointed out by Commenter Beachcomber, this particular web offence would seem to merit a more direct apology -- as in, one directed at the prime minister, personally, from the Liberal leader than an update to the webpage. Also, comparing the kerfuffle to "Attila the Hun complaining about the Romans' table manners," as A Senior Liberal Official did this morning, according to the
Globe's Jane Taber? Not really helping sell the sincerity.
Kady O Malley 12/15/09

Then and Now: Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition

"... [Ignatieff] criticized Harper for what he called the 'politics of personal attack,' and the 'politics of take no prisoners, leave 'em for dead on the side of the road.





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