Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Does Frank McKenna endorse the Liberals firing back?

Frank McKenna is the sort of retired politician whose elder-statesman status usually keeps him well clear of the partisan fray. But the former New Brunswick premier and Canadian ambassador to the U.S., now deputy chair of TD Bank Financial Group, had some surprisingly hard-nosed advice for Michael Ignatieff in an interview with Maclean’s: hit back at Conservative “thugs” with some Harper-style attack ads of your own. McKenna didn’t pull any punches when asked what the federal Liberal leader should do about Tory ads that label him “just visiting” and “only in it for himself.” “I think you have to fire back,” he said. “My inclination is to use attack ads when you’re attacked.” As for the sort of adversaries the Liberals are up against in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s tacticians, McKenna added, “They are dealing with thugs; they’ve got to fight back and fight hard.”-Frank McKenna

Looks like the photo contest inspired many thugs of their own. Genocidical dictators, assassination, bestiality....thanks for the advice.

Merry Christmas and Godbess you. I hope you and your children and grandchildren are never the victims of Liberal thugs posing as free speech.

(A poster reminded me of Frank McKenna's sage advice)-thanks again.TangoJuliette

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