Monday, December 14, 2009

Opinion Polls: In 12 months another Liberal Leader Humilated

 December 14, 2009 Angus Poll

In Dec 13, 2008 Angus Poll had the Liberal Leader much higher.

Here are some Liberal comments on the Dec 2009 Poll : Pass the kool-aid

Harper Bizzaro Need coffee?

Far and Wide finally found a Poll that he does not have to heavily redact. Let's hope no one breaks the news this Poll is very bad news for the Liberals. Everyone should believe in Fairytales.

No one from Lib bloggers noticed their leader has become a serious liability and Jack Layton has overtaken the Liberals. Michael Ignatieff has joined Dion in becoming the second Liberal who will never become a PM.

The Liberals don't follow Polls. They were just kidding when they said "Time Is Up"

“After four years of drift, four years of denial, four years of division and discord — Mr. Harper, your time is up,” the Liberal leader harrumphed on Sept. 1. After four months of discussion, rarely has a political statement proven to be so laughingly wrong. By making the declaration without the approval of his MPs, he was shown to be a self-absorbed leader. By sending the country careening toward its second election in less than a year, Mr. Ignatieff defined himself as a shameless opportunist.By not advancing a compelling reason to justify a snap vote, Mr. Ignatieff portrayed himself as an empty alternative.-Don Martin National Post 12/13/09

Welcome to the new normal and watching from the cheap seats my Liberal apologists. It is time to fasten those seats belts, 2010 will become a much bumpier ride!

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