Thursday, December 10, 2009

Canada records $428 million trade surplus in October: COP 15 update

Canada’s merchandise exports rose 3.4% in October, led by a strong gain in exports to the United States which accounted for three-quarters of the increase.

Statistics Canada reports a trade surplus with the world of $428 million, as imports decreased 0.8% in October compared with a deficit of $850 million in September.

Exports increased by $1 billion to $31.1 billion, as a result of a 2.6% rise in volumes and a 0.8% increase in prices.

It was the second straight monthly increase in the value of exports and the fourth advance in five months.

Industrial goods and materials led the growth, representing more than half of the increase in exports.

Energy products, agricultural and fishing products, as well as automotive products also contributed to the gain, while lower exports of machinery and equipment slowed the increase.

Imports declined to $30.7 billion, as prices fell 1.2% and volumes inched up 0.3%.

It’s the third straight monthly decrease in the value of imports, and was mostly due to machinery and equipment followed by industrial goods and materials. Higher imports of energy products moderated the decrease.

Exports to the United States grew 3.6% while imports fell 3.1.

As a result, Canada’s trade surplus with the United States expanded to $3.4 billion in October from $2 billion in September.

Canada’s trade deficit with countries other than the United States was $3 billion in October compared with $2.9 billion in September, as exports grew 2.9% and imports rose 3.2%.
Can you feel the anger and desperation from the Lib bloggers, Liberal media in the realization the failure to grasp the one ring? 

Do you notice how little the opposition bring up the economy in Question Period?

The majority of CBC At Issue Panelists agree PM had the best political play. Three out of four. Coyne threw a bone to IFFY for backing down on January budget.

Worst political play MI forcing everyone to complete his frame "empty suit" by declaring in Sudbury that Harper's Time is UP!

Tuvalu's gambit, seconded by Grenada, the Solomons and other island states one by one on the floor of the cavernous Bella Center, quickly ran into stiff opposition from oil giant Saudi Arabia, which would be hurt by sharp rollbacks in fuel use, and from China and India. The U.S. delegation remained silent.-Ian Fry

Will the regressive opposition parties be united and scold the US and the leading emitters for failing to amend the 1992 U.N. climate treaty to require sharp reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, deeper than major powers are considering.

Are the Liberals, NDP, Bloc turning a blind eye to China, India and the US?

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