Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Coalition must ACT to stop the allegations of cover up of "War Crimes" and "Torture"

Liberal Press Release December 11, 2009

...Mr. Dosanjh said the secretive manner in which this government continues to operate – the cover-ups, hiding of evidence, contradictions, intimidation of witnesses and censoring of politically damaging documents – is why an independent public inquiry is needed.

Dosaganjh call this government "lawless"  on CTV Question Period  December 13, 2009

Shoe-gate occurred over three and a half years ago on a battlefied. 

Colvin Testimony

Some of these Afghans may have been foot soldiers or day fighters. But many were just local people — farmers, truck drivers, tailors, peasants; random human beings in the wrong place at the wrong time; young men in their fields and villages who were completely innocent but were nevertheless rounded up. In other words, we detained, and handed over for severe torture, a lot of innocent people.
Part One

Part Two

Part Three-NDP on Colvin

Part Four - Liberals and NDP on Colvin

Reality gut check time for the coalition!

If the opposition have their evidence as stated in the House of Commons, they must act immediately by removing the confidence of this current government.

Why did the Liberals and NDP vote to pass a mandatory confidence matter "Supply Bill" on December 10, 2009?

Why has this coalition failed to respect and protect the innocent detainees who are farmers and truck drivers from the military and the government?

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