Friday, December 18, 2009

The Coalition Supports A much Bigger Tax Increase in 2010

Why does the Coalition, Premiers from Ontario, Quebec demand Canada transfer our wealth to meet an unrealistic targets?

Why are the NDP not concerned about this new tax as much as the HST?

The 2 per cent tax on GDP alone would cost Canada some $26 billion. The $2 a tonne tax would add up to $500 million per year. And the tax on international financial transactions would soak untold billions. This total tax grab is at least $26.5 billion, or over $3,000 a year for every Canadian family – not including the tax on financial transactions or plane trips. -Canadian Taxpayers Federation

China as part of the G77 will NOT allow the G8 developed Economies who have waved $ 100 Billion carrot requires an audit on their Environmental Progress to qualitfy. Why are the countries in the developing world not interested in an audit mechanism?

  • The COP15 treaty was never about the Environment, it was about transferring wealth for many of the G77 developing countries.
  • COP15 a stimulus program for cops? How much overtime has been earned?
  • How much did Denmark's travel and tourism industry benefit?

The ill-informed media and the mob need to find a scapegoat. Let's blame Canada!

Here are some links on looking past the photo-ops, clubbing of the misguided Birkenstock mob and biased Media. Here, here, here.

Let's hope in Canada we push for an investigation against the alleged fraudelent activities discovered in Climategate.

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