Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Self-loathing Liberals Ignoring Economy

If navel-gazing was an Olympic sport, the Liberal Party of Canada would be the Gold medal champions. The media is consumed about the weak leadership from a party that has been polling their 2008 support numbers.
The media is busy investing ink, hours of free coverage on  speculating how Liberals can regain power. Why and who is a directing the media to investigate this pressing or serious question?
If the Liberal Party follows the Rhino party will anyone care? What is the obsession for the media in providing the Liberal  party free publicity?

 In 2008 they won only 26.3% popular support in Canada.
  • Central Canada (Ontario + Quebec) 29.7% , fifty-one seats
  • Western Canada (BC+AB+SK+MB) 16.3% ,  seven seats.
  • Atlantic Canada (NS, NB, PEI+NFLD) 35%, seventeen seats.

The Liberal Party of Canada has not been a National Party of significance for over a decade in most regions. Other political parties have risen from their weaknesses since 2000.
The NDP and Green barely recieve ANY attention from the media. The voters have decided, what is the media waiting for?

National News that matter is superficially covered  for coverage of a slow death of the Liberals. If you look closely while being sober, you will notice the "Big Red Machine" has faded over the decade in several areas. It is more like the little red wagon in our childhood. 
Reality can suck when your team keeps losing.
Consumer prices rose 1.8% in the 12 months to April, following a 1.4% increase in March. Excluding energy, prices advanced 1.1% compared with a 1.0% increase in March. On a seasonally adjusted monthly basis, consumer prices rose 0.1% from March to April- The Daily May 21, 2010
Retail sales increased for a fourth consecutive month in March, rising 2.1%. Higher sales at motor vehicle and parts dealers were the main contributor to the gain. In volume terms, retail sales increased -The Daily May 21, 2010
In March, 668,100 people received regular Employment Insurance benefits, down 24,200 from February and the sixth consecutive monthly decline. The number of beneficiaries fell in most provinces, with the largest declines in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta The Daily May 20, 2010
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