Sunday, May 30, 2010

Socialism Retreating: Europe & North America

The left are deeply divided in Canada on how to steal power and suck more taxes from the productive members in society.
Our Democractic tradition of plurality (first past the post) vs for proportional representation (PR) is again getting publicity by our socialist engineers who are unhappy. Voters have rejected making changes in PEI, Ontario and BC.
The public soundly rejected the platform of the other leaders (three stooges) in a General election on October 14, 2008. Six weeks later, they tried again by foisting Stephane Dion as PM. The panic from their friends in the media inability's to reverse the slide is evident.
Bob Rae is not aging well and is in denial on what is important to Canadians, much like his rival Ignatieff. The Coalition was a bridge to nowhere.
...a flurry of polls late last week showed the exact opposite: an Ekos poll had Conservative support at 44 per cent, an Ipsos poll pegged it at 46 per cent, Praxicus placed it at 47 per cent, and Compas had the Conservatives at 51 per cent--with a massive 31-point lead over the Liberals.- December 9, 2008
The friends of socialism are busy trying to undermine the need for fiscal restraint by propping up the idea of another coalition of stooges with a new leader. The media are demostrating how out of touch they are with Canadians. They can keep pushing Iffy, Bobby as their next great white hope, to slay the evil right wing theocracy but Canadians are much smarter and have tuned out the noise. An election map would be evidence, but the friends of socialism don't actually bother themselves with inconvenient facts.
One Bailout too many. The left are always demanding taxpayers come to the rescue and support their friends.
By giving money to the banks, the governments, first of all, do not allow the financial system to become healthier, and secondly, they strengthen their own debt, and, thirdly, exacerbate the situation with the debts of financial sector. State leaders have forgotten the simple truth, that you cannot save the private sector at the cost of the bankruptcy of the state. - Death of Socialism or Death of Europe
In the U.S., Britain public support for the AGW apologists have taken a massive hit along with the media outlets. Many in the traditional media outlets have ignored, downplayed  the conflict of interests in the activities of politicans, bureaucrats regarding the Carbon Market Trading Scheme.
The traditional media has failed in appearing objective or unbiased with their own agenda. The internet has seen many websites replace the first place for fact checking and information.
Germany, Italy, Spain have begun to announce spending cuts in order to avoid the public loss of confidence and state bankruptcy.
The Czech Civic Democratic Party and others that pledged to cut spending won the most votes in parliamentary elections as Czechs chose budget restraint amid the European debt crisis.- Bloombery May 30, 2010 An interesting publicity stunt was done to increase the vote was done here.
The same is taking place in Canada and the U.S. with polls showing the public want their government to excercise restraint in dealing with the debt and elimination of sweetheart deals of corporate-union welfare.
The  political parties that get in the way of restraint, less spending will be joining the other political parties in the dustbin of history.
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Hoarfrost said...

SHHH. The left may get the message and tone down and hide further their secret agenda.

The_Iceman said...

I miss the good old days when the bad guy was the Soviet Union and the lines in the sand were clearer.