Thursday, May 06, 2010

Ekos Poll Research April 28 May 4, 2010 Conservatives 7pt lead

Ekos Research has some interesting comments on their analysis of their latest poll. Anyone notice Toronto Liberal stronghold? I can't remember the Conservatives ever leading a poll in Metro-Toronto. In 2008 the gap was 20 points? Where is the official Liberal Party of Canada panic button?

Source here.

Note again one Poll means nothing, margin of error is substantial and for many the latest disclosure by Frank Graves makes use of this polling for some highly suspect. That being said did Toronto call it quits on the Liberals too? If you look at education you will see University Education or Higher also is tied or 0.1% for CPC.

Note I think John Baird is having too much fun calling out the Liberals for being hypocritical.It is not a difficult  subject to point out. Keep up the great work! Let's get the meeting planners of the Liberals opened for scrutiny.

Source for hansard: here


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Finally found your comment section...looked for a good 5 minutes.
Very nice graphics and colour to your posts the first one..

CanadianSense said...

My layout has not been friendly to comments lately with the addition of searchles.

The disconnect with the pundits, is voters get to mark only one ballot. We have to make a choice who is the best MP, best PM or party. We don't get to vote for Layton or the Liberal policy. The left are divided and the Liberals may end up with less than 25% at the ballot box. That is only a 1.3% drop in popular support from 2008.

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Linda said...

Maybe the folks in Toronto got wind of the fact that the Liberals pretty much "sold them down the river" in the vote for fluently bilingual Supreme Court judges. You can't tell me that Libs in Toronto favoured this move. I am hoping that the Liberals will pay big time for that bit of hypocritical "vote buying" (if that is what they were doing).