Friday, May 07, 2010

George Galloway Fired: Democracy is alive in Britain!

In a turnout of 63 per cent, Mr Fitzpatrick, 58, the farming minister, took 18,679 of the 50,400 total votes cast compared with 12,649 for the Conservative Tim Archer and 8,160 for Respect's Mr Galloway, who was soundly trounced.-The London Evening Standard

The British MP went from controversial to 'inadmissible' in just 102 minutes, and evidence suggests politics likely had a hand in slashing the red tape -G & M

Mr. Galloway insists he was never a member of Hamas, and he’s being barred for his political and pro-Palestinian views.

Many Canadians, knowing the facts of the case, would have taken less than two hours to make such a decision.- The Nexus

Kudos to those Britons who showed up and denounced his politics. No Respect for his Respect Party!

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