Sunday, May 16, 2010

Done Like Dinner: Michael Ignatieff

In another astute political observation Angelo Perischilli is hedging his bets about the future of the Liberal Party of Canada. Many of us that have not consumed the kool-aid would naturally agree with many of the points. I do expect many bloggers in Liberal la la land to deny and attack the author again.

They could adopt the latest strategy and blame Christians. Heck it worked in the 90's against Stockwell Day right?

Angelo was attacked by several in the MSM when he discussed the rumblings within the Big Tent Party and their succession planning.

Although many Liberals believe that Ignatieff will not lead them back to power, they aren’t planning to try to dump him before the next election. But there is a magic number circulating among Liberals these days: 25 per cent. If their party sinks to this number in the polls, then all bets are off.

Liberals are resigned to another defeat, as long as the Conservatives don’t win a majority government. But if their party sits at 25 per cent, there is a chance of Prime Minister Stephen Harper winning a majority, which would keep the Liberals out of government for at least another four years. This scares many of them because Liberals out of power are like fish out of water. If they perceive that Harper can get a majority, the Grits would like to get rid of Ignatieff, regroup around a new leader and go to the polls trying to defeat the Conservatives.

It explains why Liberals have invoked the "cultural war" against Christians, rural voters.

January 29, 2009 The Economy, Jobs, Economic Action Plan.  Liberal Priorities? 

Liberals have not represented their interests or have been rewarded at the ballot box for over a decade in many regions throughout Canada. Ontario and Quebec voters left the Liberal Party in large numbers. The Western provinces left before the Mulroney PC collapse.

On March 14, 2010 Angelo noted Donolo knows that in order to get the NDP vote, the Liberals have to polarize the electorate by demonizing the right, portraying the Liberal party as the only barrier against the "right-wing ideologues." That's why they talk about Afghanistan and not the economy, and about Rahim Jaffer and not about their plan to eliminate the deficit and create jobs. When the right is demonized, it's always the NDP that pays the price. In Ontario, at the time of the battle against Mike Harris, it was the NDP that lost party status in the Legislature. A Stuck in 90's Angelo Perischilli: Confirms Liberal Party

You can order the Done Like Dinner here.

Angelo Perischilli: Hit & Miss By The Numbers


Blame Crash said...

That carpetbagging Iffy is a perfect reflection of the Liberal Party in that both he and they are nothing more than a gaggle of opportunistic parasites looking for a host to bleed dry.

As we’ve seen countless times, their true political ideology is whatever will gain them power, which allows them enact policies that result in the funneling of Canadians wealth into the pockets of the Corporate and Bureaucratic power brokers who are the true owners of the Liberal Party.

The Liberal Party faithful looked the other way when massive corruption was happening right before their own eyes. Then they never raised a peep the day that “Democracy” was murdered in plain sight. Not a single call to 911 was made by the Liberal membership.

All they seem to care about is that they can publicly fiddle with their genitals at the Pride Parade and not have anyone say anything about it. Such is the Liberal Party membership.

They say “Cultural War”

I say it’s a “Class War”

Bring It On!!

fernstalbert said...

Once Ignatieff is forced to take a summer stroll in the "green wood forest", the takeover of the Liberals by the NDP will be achieved. It will be Rae and the final stealth manoeuvre will be complete. Its downtown Toronto 24/7. Cheers.

wilson said...

''...When the right is demonized, it's always the NDP that pays the price...''

That was before the Brits coalition govt, where Clegg, leader of the #3 party, made a deal with the 'party winning the most seats'.
A coalition of losers is even more unpalatable since the Brit election.

Jack would be wise to play kingmaker (get back those votes Libs get in the 'stop Harper' campaign) and not tie his orange flag to the Liberal butt, again.

What ever deal Jack has made with Iffy, he may want to walk away from it.
Wouldn't be the first time Jack walked away from a coalition deal. He did it in 2004, with (gasp) PMSH.

I wonder how Danny Williams feels about an Enviro Minister Elizabeth May?

The_Iceman said...

Wilson, still dreaming of a Tory-NDP coalition? Not likely in my opinion. I did some election math for my next blog post, and the Tories need to add 15,000 votes for a majority. The Liberals need 740,000 votes to form a majority.

I'd say the Liberals have less than a 5% chance of forming a majority government, meaning that really the only option for them to get 155 votes in the House is by a left wing coalition. But Iggy doesn't want to talk about left wing coalitions, especially if it is a coalition of losers.

CanadianSense said...

Brian Topp exposed the 2004 coalition never existed.
I agree the NDP should publicly denounce the Christian bashing and fearmongering of the vast right wing Christian conspiracy but I think the roots from Tommy Douglas and moderates has been silenced in the NDP.

The NDP have been attacking, invoking anti-Americanism for years. Jack needs to drop the anti-free trade, Robin Hood Economic theories that his Unions and special interest groups demand. Until than he can't be taken as an credible political force.

CanadianSense said...


I don't think Wilson has suggested the coalition as he states it would be better for the NDP to dump the secret coalition with the Liberals, Bloc.
The NDP suffer when they cooperate with the Liberals. See Trudeau-Broadbent.
Canada will only tolerate one left nutjob party in power and the NDP become redundent if they allow Liberals to govern.

Pundits Guide has a great list of ridings that were close in 2008.

Patrick Ross said...

Well, Mr Ignatieff, my first allegiance is always to Canada, and to my party second.

If I didn't believe I was permanently at odds with Michael Ignatieff before -- I didn't -- I certainly realize that I am now.

CanadianSense said...

Patrick my problem was the Liberals have chosen to repeat the same Christian bashing they did in the past with Stockwell Day.

The author refers to the right as some single minded entity with an agenda.

Have ANY opposition leader distanced themselves from the author or do they share her views?

My moral compass may be faulty: I don't see the benefit of bashing Christians, framing them as a secretive, seeking "Rapture" lobbying group is tolerated by the Liberal Party or the MSM).

Do the media pundits think this is fair or responsible comment?

I have lost what little respect I have left for CTV QP hosts.