Thursday, May 27, 2010

Liberals Tactics In Committee: Dirty Tricks & Unaccountable

The fringe party formerly know as the natural governing party continues to hit new low on the stupid scale.
Derek Lee a Liberal MP was called to testify on allegations of  lobbying. Liberals have been very vocal in having government staff, military, experts be allowed to appear. They have suggested those who refuse are hiding something and obstructing parliament.

What do the Liberals do when one of their MPs is invited to explain a website?

But when Lee arrived to face MPs, he argued the government operations committee was not the proper venue for answering those types of questions.
His caucus colleagues used up much of the allotted time with long procedural arguments and Lee left without having to respond to questions.-Winnipeg Free Press Online Edition May 27, 2010 Liberals shield own MP from committee grilling

Many of us had hoped an adult conversation would take place, policy alternatives with specifics introduced for debate in parliament.
What do we have to show?
  • Iffy caught in France while his team asks where the PM is vacationing.
  • 28 day prorogue framed as unusual
  • Ignore all good news in Canada (Economy, Jobs, Sales, Consumer confidence)
  • Attack Maternal Health Initiative and replace with abortion for Congo to divide parliament
  • Attack female MP, call for resignation, allege husband got sweetheart deal, links to organized crime
  • Insist our Military, Government, staff turned a blind eye to torture, hiding details, are responsible
How many Liberal MPs will apologize for their behaviour? The next election voters should send a very clear message to the parties that want to raise our taxes, refuse to be held accountable, live in a culture of entitlements.
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wilson said...

Has the Afghan detainee issue evaporated?
Months of accusing the government and military of being war criminals, and then poof!

No ranting, demanding Harper tell parliament why he fired Helena either?
poof, gone

CanadianSense said...

The documents were a smokescreen and the opposition folded.

The won't go back to the speaker and vote against the gov't.

Same with the anon letter from Easter alleging a serious incident that CBC confirmed never took place.

It never pans out, but the goal is to discredit and destroy, facts be damned!

The_Iceman said...

These committees have become even more childish than Question Period, and yet the CBC is hell bent on televising and reporting on each and every one of them whether Canadians care or not. We must fund O'Malley's live blogging whether or not anyone actually cares.

This is quickly turning into a bad joke.