Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guess Who is Coming For Dinner?

David Weinberg, director of the Canada-Israel Committee's Israel Office, told the Jerusalem Post that the trip "is a reflection of the extraordinarily strong ties between Canada and Israel on a range of political issues and bilateral matters. It is also an acknowledgment of Prime Minister Harper's principled leadership and friendship for Israel."
In 2002, a planned visit by Netanyahu, then Israel's foreign minister, to Concordia University in Montreal was canceled after students protesting the trip rioted and caused widespread damage.

Let's hope the radicals in left and those rally against the only democracy in the middle east don't disrupt this meeting. I support a free democratic Israel. Our Prime Minister stands with Israel. Canada has not a sitting Prime Minister visit since 1994.


Queen's Park Shows Leadership Against Destructive Campaign Against Israel

What party blocked Parliament from adopting this as motion?


robins111 said...

It won’t take much imagination to put names to the usual cretins who will be protesting this. Wanna bet ol’ 'Sidney the Sponge' Ryan makes an appearance?

Prince said...

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