Sunday, May 02, 2010

Canadian Mainstream Media: Doublestandard


Daniel Brock was a guest on CTV Question Period  Sunday May 02, 2010. Daniel has worked as a Reporter and Producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto, Ottawa, MontrĂ©al and the Maritimes. His journalism experience included covering federal, provincial and international politics and public policy news and current affairs for programs such as Morningside and the National Radio News. In 2008, Daniel was recognized by the national political and government newsweekly, The Hill Times, as one of Canada's top 100 lobbyists. - Fasken Martineau. 
Daniel Brock was one of the three organizers who traveled  to the United States to recruit Michael Ignatieff. Does Daniel have a potential vested interest or conflict into dismissing the request for an investigation by CPC MP Dean Del Mastro through the Heritage committee into institutional bias?
Fasken Martineau
Did Jane Taber downplay, omit by mistake Daniel's past working relationship with the CBC? Why is his past relationship with the CBC important? How did Daniel Brock frame the Conservative's request for accountability of the tax funded crown corporation public broadcaster?
Is this an example of bias, lazy journalism, I encourage readers to use Google when guests are invited or cited. How are the media framing the attempts by the Conservatives asking for investigations? Do journalists repeat the opposition narrative this is a "baseless fishing expedition and is used to raise funds" against the Conservatives? Do the same journalists apply the same tone, same phrases when describing the importance of accountability when opposition MP's demand numerous investigations for potential conflicts of interest?
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hunter said...

I say that any guest should have to reveal their past associations with any political party. Only then will Canadians start to come back to the MSM.

They will not do it, they can not see their own bias and like typical lefties think only their point of view is important and correct. That's why they hate Conservatives, we aren't buying into their propaganda. Look where it got Americans?

CanadianSense said...

His relationship to the current and past Liberal Party is important but his past employment make his views on CBC biased. Don't you agree?