Saturday, May 01, 2010

The New West Partnership - Leadership on Display

Great news for those who believe less protectionism, less barriers in our small market makes sense. The same special interest groups that are against labour mobility, increased competition, lower costs, will have another issue to complain about. (Can you guess which political parties will be defending the special interests groups in Ottawa?). Canada's is gaining credibility on the world stage as they deliver results vs empty rhetoric from previous governments.
We are open for business and global trade!
If the New West Partnership can build from strength to strength the opponents including the NDP, Bloc will have less influence in blocking progress.The Unions, provincial monopolies that restrict competition will have have to explain why they deserve a premium above market. Why should Canadians be held hostage for their entitlements?
The same anti-Harper, anti-free trade,  anti-competition forces will block every deal to protect their own self-interests and sweetheart deals.
"The market we're looking at is much bigger than the market we're giving up," argues Manley. "Shouldn't we be thinking more about how we access markets than how we protect our little market?" - John Manley on Trade with European Union Winnipeg Free Press April 26, 2010
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"We are eliminating unnecessary regulation. We are eliminating duplication of regulation. We are saying to ourselves when we work together we can accomplish so much more."
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hunter said...

A very smart move by the western provinces, too bad Manitoba didn't join up.

The power is shifting and investment is going to the west. Bay Street will be in trouble if more energy companies go to the Honk Kong market to get investment dollars. This is a very serious threat to eastern power brokers.

The_Iceman said...

Perhaps we should attach provincial seat distribution according to GDP. The more you contribute to the federal treasury, the greater your stake. Individuals who earn more money should also get more votes. They contribute more to the country.

(for the record, I didn't mean anything I just said)

fernstalbert said...

Quebec and Ontario should be embarrassed by these graphs - Alberta outperforms them straight up. No matter how you twist it, Alberta is the driver and engine in this country. Cheers.

Powell lucas said...

Alberta WAS the driver of the Canadian economy. Once Stelmach and the PCs are replaced by Ms. Smith and the WAP it will again achieve that distinction.

CanadianSense said...

As an Ontario resident I would like to see the "have" governments be treated fairly. The disconnect of political reality is Bloc seats.

This initiative should counter the fringe political parties that are over represented in Ottawa.
The Bloc 38.1% popular vote with 65% of seats from Quebec for 24% of Parliament. It will be reduced to 22% after 2014.

The coalition of the NDP-Liberals are pandering to Bloc voters ahead of Canada's best interest.

Quebec, other "have-not" run governments should NOT be demanding we give a free ride for their socialist programs.

Let's hope the West keeps pushing against the special interest groups in Ottawa.