Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ignatieff Clueless in Canada: Harris Decima Poll May 17, 2010

The Harris Decima Poll released on May 17, 2010 demostrates again the lack of attention or traction in the soap opera on the Hill. Here

To recap Harris Decima placed fifth in predicting popular support in the October 2008 elections. With the margin of error of 3.1% for the latest poll very little change from the 2008 results.

Liberals are stalled at 28%. The Green Party is polling 4.2% above their 2008 results at 11%!

The CPC were underpolled in 2008 by Harris Decima at 34% by 2.7%.  If you factor the current prediction of 32% with the 3.1% m.o.e. (2008 -2.7%) you can extrapolate 37-38% again.

You can do the same with the Bloc and NDP. So much fun. Campaigns and finances matter.

The Liberal leader is not being advised, reading the papers or meeting regular people. How else do you explain his statements and disconnect from reality?

  • Fundraiser in Toronto
  • Fundraiser in Montreal
  • Fundraisers in ridings they hold.
Are Liberals only interested in trying to save the 77 seats they hold?
  • Maternal Health Initiative attacked for Abortion Debate: His own party rejected.
  • Long Gun Registry turned into bashing rural voters.
  • Refusal to allow Auditor General review of expenses of Parliament.
  • Political Pay Subsidy $ 300 Billion, Bloc 87%, Lib 63%
  • Silent on the attacks against "social conservatives", free speech, freedom of assembly for Christians.
  • Silent on the Global Bank Tax, Chicago Carbon Exchange Market . European Fraud
  • Green Myth of Jobs, Money in Spain, Germany and Portugal.
  • Eroding support in Quebec.
Each political party has their 2008 platform up on their website available for comparison. The Liberals are the only party to run and hide from those promises they championed. They have failed to champion their vision in this minority parliament.
  • Refuse to introduce National Daycare for debate in parliament.
  • Refuse to introduce Isotope Strategy for debate in parliament.
  • Refuse to introduce Kelowna Accord for debate in parliament.
  • Refuse to introduce their Investments into Higher Education Plans for debate in parliament.
Ignatieff has been appointed since December 2008 and has waffled on every single pledge. The Liberals won't come clean and explain their position beyond a recent last minute announcement of freezing corporate tax rate. The Liberals are silent in protecting our National interests in our Canadia Banks. Martin says he agrees with Harper that such a tax should not be imposed indiscriminately by the G20.

If you look at the NDP platform from 2008 you can probably guess where the Liberals will be getting their talking points in the next campaign.


Patrick Ross said...

At the rate things are going, the Liberals may be wise to not wait for 25% in the polls to ditch Ignatieff.

Yet another failed experiment by the Liberal Party.

CanadianSense said...

Do you think he can sue those immigration consultants who offered him the PM job?

wilson said...

Hopefully the LPC will not fall below 26%, and they keep Iffy until after the next election.

This Coalition of Losers is not looking any better than the 2008 crew.
It's really kinda sad to watch what used to be called the 'natural governing party of Canada' on it's knees begging for Dippers to help them get back into government,
because they can't do it alone.