Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CBC Ignatieff Love Fest

Evan spends nearly thirty minutes trying to help Michael Ignatieff with his year end interview, apology to Liberal voters on Power and Politics. The CBC's refusal to ask tough questions and demand a better performance is actually hurting the Liberals regain any credibility. The apology to Liberals is here.

CBC has earned over 900 complaints on Access to information.
Evan opens the clip with issues and controversy. Sadly the crisis as defined by the CBC are not on the radar for most Canadians. The CBC seems to think the opposition parties are in touch with the general public. I just can't find an election since 2004 that can back it up. Frank Graves 'culture war' advice can't be taken seriously as the Conservatives have been in power for five years. The hidden agenda rhetoric from the Liberals can't work without a political war chest. 

The changes by Chretien in eliminating big donations from Bay Street and Unions has hurt the Liberals. They have never recovered from those changes they imposed unilaterally. Some suggest Chretien did it to spite the Martin Liberals who pushed him out of the party.

Liberals NDP don't think F 35 is necessary.
The Liberals-NDP lost a vote in parliament. Liberal Senator Colin  Kenney and Romeo Dallaire also support the decision of the Federal Government to participate in the JSF program and purchase sixty-five F35A's to replace the aging CF 18 starting in 2016. The Liberals have chosen to ignore those experts on this matter.

Evan fails to point out the Liberals in the Senate, Aerospace Industry experts, Bloc MPs that support the policy. On the campaign the conflicts between the Liberals and experts won't be brushed aside.

  • CF 18 replacement with F 35's as explained by Laurie Hawn
  • Census Debate: The removal of fines, jail terms and mandatory compliance is a crisis?
  • The Long Gun Registry flip flopping by Liberal and NDP MPs on third reading?
  • Additional funding to provide housing, rehabilitation for violent criminals as new laws may increase the prison population.
Ignatieff believes Liberals will benefit from Rob Ford voters.

Federal Conservatives have been criticized for not funding a parade in Montreal and the Edmonton Expo bid by the Liberals. Rob Ford is also looking to reducing or eliminating some spending including parades. Will Ignatieff  praise  Rob Ford decision in demanding more private participation for these events?
“There’s no federal program to fund professional sports facilities..“People don’t want an election. And Canadians would have trouble understanding why, in the midst of a recovery, of a very fragile global economy, the Opposition parties or any party would force an election,” he said. “Canada is faring better than others, but times are tough and it’s the responsibility of all the parties in Parliament to focus on the economy, and that’s what we’re doing.” -PM on French TV network

The Bloc, Liberals and NDP are all onside for giving Federal tax dollars to build an NHL arena in Quebec City. Has the media asked the opposition parties to go on record for helping other NHL arenas in Vancouver, Calgary, Hamilton, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto? 
New Ipod Tax paid from Unicorn and Rainbows?
An Ipod tax was supported in April this year by all three opposition parties. Today the Liberals want to raise the money from general revenue to help artists. I am glad Liberals have publicly stated a transfer of thirty five million from general revenues to artists is not similar to an Ipod tax on purchasers. It won't be Timmy or his parents stuck with the new levy, it will be everyone. With only one taxpayer where do the Liberals imagine the $35 million is sourced from, Unicorns or rainbows? 

I was curious why the Ignatieff Liberals sent in their top talent to help George Smitherman during the campaign if they felt Rob Ford's message was compatible with the Federal Liberals. Are the Federal Liberals talking about freezing taxes? Are they talking about reducing spending, no new big spending programs?

It sounded like the culture war comments used since 2000 by the Federal Liberals. Did the Federal Liberals not support Mayor David Miller Green Agenda? Are the Liberals not supporting the Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty Green Energy Act?

In parliament Federal  opposition parties are calling for more spending or less?
  • Most of them voted for an increase in the payroll tax. 
  • They are on record for a Cap & Trade, Carbon Tax program. Bill C 311.
  • Edmonton Expo
Do the opposition parties consider NHL owners and unionized NHL players a higher priority than providing the best jet fighter for our military?

On Power and Politics 

Ignatieff suggests just showing up is what is what he has been doing. His priorities are:
  • Retirement security
  • Basic standard of living, basic security, affordable post secondary education.
Ignatieff led Liberals want to sustain middle class by investing in learning and training by eliminating the planned tax reduction in corporate rates. Liberals don't believe a fifth generation fighter is necessary.

They also felt heavy or strategic lift was not necessary either. The Decade of Darkness for our Military is not a record worth repeating. Our military is a priority. Ask those Canadians that were helped on the 402 or Newfoundland.

Toronto Police charged in G20. Toronto Police Chief Apologizes.
Retail politics, bus tour. Ignatieff was surpised he enjoyed campaigning and traveling this summer on behalf of the party. What was Ignatieff doing for the last four years as an MP and deputy leader since 2006?
Ignatieff suggests Canada lost ground on International stage by losing a military air base, UN security seat and refers to G8/G20 as a fiasco. Is Ignatieff trying to pick a fight with the Liberal Premier for his role in blocking any inquiry of the G20 in Toronto? Both Rob Ford and Dalton McGuinty don't refer to the G20 in Toronto as a photo-op. Does the Liberal party suggest world leaders are participating in publicity tours?

Ignatieff wants a two party race but Conservatives have already defined it as CPC majority led government or a coalition led Liberal-NDP-Bloc MPs. Ignatieff's admits to Evan his job is to present a clear alternative to the current government. He did the same thing in 2008 telling voters they had only two choices in Hamilton. Ignatieff has led the Liberals since December 2008 and for two years had fought in seven by elections with only one victory over the NDP.

The Ignatieff led Liberals have NEVER beaten the Conservatives in Quebec, Ontario or Atlantic Canada since changing the leader two years ago. Are Liberals looking to the West for their gains by blocking tanker traffic and blocking the pipeline?

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