Thursday, December 09, 2010

Liberals join Naughty List: Santa

Who said Santa does not have a sense of humour? Glen Pearson, a Liberal MP from London Ontario has decided to post  Santa Claus Joins Ranks Of The Homeless because we as Canadians are losing prestige in the eyes of the world.
Glen perhaps your circle of friends are no friends of Canada. Canada needs to diversify it's dependency on trade  with the United States. It needs to expand to Europe and Asia.  The non binding vote to ban tanker traffic in  the north coast of British Columbia  is just another political stunt. If the opposition MPs are unwilling to support this Conservative agenda of our PM, than simply demand your leader vote non-confidence, if you can find him. This government is a minority and your are responsible in voting for supply bills and withdrawing your confidence in this government. At least thirty Liberals MPs have been skipping votes to keep confidence. Look to your own leadership and their inability to repair the balance sheet, excite the voters to support the hidden agenda of the Liberal party.
  • Despots - Dictators don't like our position on Israel it cost us votes at the UN.
  • Being an honest broker means something more than uttering words.
  • A radical left wing American advocacy group that is silent on fastest growing and largest emitter (China)
  • A reckless NDP bill is defeated because Liberal senators can't count or show up to vote?

Canadians are losing respect for those leaders who look to the UN as a role model of accountability. Canadians are losing respect for those who refer to radical left wing groups for policy or direction. Canadians are fed up of the Liberal worldview that we must transfer billions of taxpayers dollars to the third world. The politics of fear and guilt are losing their effectiveness.

From Fantino to Ford to the New Brunswick sweep of the Liberal experiment, a change is coming. Pitting groups and regions against each other is coming to an end. Personal responsibility and liberty will be restored. Respect and tolerance of individuals will again become the standard. We are not collectivists or socialists.

$ 200k raised from charity event in Barrie August 2010
Here is a hint why the left wing pinkos on bicycles don't get it. and Don Cherry hits one out of the ball park. The market picks the winners and losers. The gravy train is ending and your  left wing advocacy groups are being defunded. Without an influx of tax dollars their ability to attack will diminish.
New York best sellers list for December 2010 is just a hint. If you drill down many more Conservative authors, ideas are on the list.
Canadian Santa Claus drawing from 1875"Santa is homeless" Conservatives to blame Liberal insight
Glen you better make sure your team has more than just hot air in those bicycle tires your rode into town with. because it takes ideas, money and voters to restore credibility of your message back from the scrap heap. From what I am reading on blogs and articles the pinkos are sounding demoralized and more desperate with every election result.

If hope Santa finds an alternative to coal for your stocking this Christmas. I read somewhere China has built new coal plants courtesy of five billion from the United Nations and we would not want to criticize the Chinese government for blocking the audits or emission reductions being demanded by our government. Any idea why those Green Peace-Human rights activists, opposition MP's keeping ignoring China for cheap shots at the Alberta oil sands? Is it just me?

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