Thursday, December 02, 2010

Ignatieff Vision: Two Party Race

After losing two of three by elections on November 29, 2010 Ignatieff has decided “The next election is shaping up as a clear, two-way choice”.  (Stop laughing, its true)
Attacking human smuggling has been a consistent Conservative theme since the last boat arrived off the coast of BC. Jason Kenney is insisting that this bill will go forward, regardless of the fact that it might be defeated. Kenney is a very smart operator. He has spent the last few years working our various new Canadian communities. He better than anyone else in the government, knows best how these communities will respond if it comes down to an election on this issue.- Keith Beardsley
If the Government makes Bill C-49 a confidence matter ,which political party is most likely to get punished at the polls?
Globe & Mail Poll October 24, 2010
Is this a trap for Conservative government to pull the plug, does Ignatieff believe his own hype that the NDP won't recover their support in a General election? The same newspaper that polled 80% in favour of punishing Canadians with fines. This is the same parliament that votes to pass the CPC agenda for the last five years but complain they don't like the policies.
  • 209 votes with CPC+Liberals on Afghanistan training against Bloc+NDP
  • 170 votes with CPC+Bloc on F35 Jets against Lib+NDP

Has the coalition leadership finally outmaneuvered itself?

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