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Susan Riley does not like Stephen Harper?

Does Susan Riley A walk in the snow, anyone?  create a well meaning puff pastry article in attempt to give rise to the flaccid state of the Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff? She starts off by acknowledging the demoralized state of affairs within the Liberal party.
  •  A leader is not required to have a talent in singing.
  • 46% of Liberals, 56% voters think a new leader is needed (Angus Poll here)
  • Afghanistan extension wrong decision because Conservatives support it (Obama, NATO, UN should be ignored on this file)
  • Attempting to recruiting Fantino was dumb.
Susan recognizes the Liberals do not have an unblemished alternative if a spring election is called. A quick change in leadership won't likely change the short term outcome. In a funny that's strange  diagnosis Susan  applies  the label pernicious anemia as the malady afflicting the Liberal-left coalition.
Pernicious anemia presents insidiously, and many of the signs and symptoms are due to anemia itself, where anemia is present. The patient may complain of fatigue, depression, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating,.. the patient may also complain of weakness and clumsiness.-Wiki
In the middle she goes on and adds further proof the moderates, right of centre voters have turned away from the parties of "social justice", wealth redistribution.No kidding anyone remember those mid terms in the US?

What Ignatieff lacks is what Rob Ford, the unpolished new mayor of Toronto, has in abundance: consistency and conviction.Governing well requires flexibility, emotional intelligence and experience. But to win an election you need to keep it simple and keep it real. Voters have a nose for authenticity -- and its absence.-Susan Riley
Susan praises the resume of Ignatieff but not his decision to support the policies of the Conservatives in this minority parliament. She praises Ignatieff on several of the issues that are not resonating with the public. (Susan you noted out of touch in the Angus poll earlier remember?)
  • CF18 replacement with F35's (supported in Parliament 170 votes)
  • Long gun registry (Whipped vote by opposition MPs on private members bill?)
  • Home care blocking anti smuggling bill as "clumsy"
Susan is not impressed with his position on the Alberta Oil Sands believing he is inconsistent with joining the mustache friendly leader of the NDP in banning tanker traffic and championing Alberta. (Susan we agree Ignatieff is NOT credible and Canadians can see it a mile away)
"Leaderitis is really eroding democracy," she says, adding that political parties are composed of more than one person. "I'm fed up with the constant search for a Messiah. - Dr. Carolyn Bennett
Carolyn is a Liberal MP for the riding of St. Paul, Toronto. She had to apologize a misunderstanding of a ten per center sent attacking the Conservatives for handling of H1N1. Is it ironic Susan not qualified uses a medical condition and a trained medical doctor invokes a leadership trait?
It is amusing Susan is oblivious of the work and money spent on the environmental files since a change of government. I imagine the hundreds of projects in providing safe clean drinking water to  cities, aboriginals, expanding the parks may not be "real" enough for a columnist based in Ottawa. In Oakville I am aware of a large project compliments of the Economic Action Plan here. Maybe closer to home in Ottawa Susan missed this one.
“The Government of Canada recognizes the importance of safe, clean, and trustworthy waste-water systems,” said John Baird, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Member of Parliament for Ottawa West – Nepean. “Using advanced technology, as well as planning and monitoring capabilities, the City will be well equipped to protect the Ottawa River from sewer overflow for years to come.”
“The McGuinty Government is proud to be a partner in helping clean up the Ottawa River, contributing to better water quality and preventing future sewer overflow, making it safer for those Ontarians living near the historic waterway,” said Phil McNeely, Member of Provincial Parliament for Ottawa-Orleans.
"Working in cooperation with our federal and provincial partners, the City is making real progress, significantly reducing overflows into the Ottawa River,” said Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson. “There is a plan in place to eliminate all overflows. This is a priority that is supported by our City Council and our communities.” -Economic Action Plan on Environment
Green Energy Club is more polished?
Susan may want to read her own paper, try Google it took me less than a minute to find projects in excess of $100 million is 0.15 seconds on what party promised what during the last general election. Here is a link to the list of promises in the platform on the environment. The Conservative Party of Canada is getting it done in the Environment and some NGO's and despots in the third world don't like having funds being held accountable for their real action on emissions.

Environmental Promises: Conservative Party of Canada October 8, 2008 in Ottawa Sun.


• Cut the federal excise tax on diesel fuel in half, from four to two cents per litre
• Invest $113 million into an Environmental Enforcement Action Plan over the next five years — and an additional $25 million for:
• stiffer penalties for the most serious environmental crimes: up to $6  million for corporations and $1 million for individuals;
• increases in inspection and seizure powers;
• a team of specialized environmental prosecutors; 
• creation of environmental laws that allow courts to compel offenders to remedy any harm to the environment; • a searchable database that tells the public the details of a corporation’s convictions for environmental crimes.
• Require corporations convicted of environmental crimes to notify their shareholders of their conviction and punishment.
• Prohibit the exportation of bitumen to countries outside Canada that do not have equivalent emission-reduction targets.
• Re-affirm Canada’s position that the North American Free Trade Agreement cannot require Canada to export bulk water to other NAFTA countries.
• Continue to promote the development of northern pipelines to bring oil and gas to markets in Canada and throughout the world.
• A regulatory framework that will impose mandatory emissions reduction targets on Canadian industry and reduce Canada's greenhouse gas emissions by an absolute 20 per cent by 2020.
• A $2-billion ecoENERGY initiative to promote smarter energy use, greater use of clean energy sources, and cleaner use of traditional energy sources.
• Protection of numerous conservation areas, including the world’s largest freshwater protection area.

It is a pity Susan decided to submit a puff pastry piece that many Canadians will ignore is worthy of reading. It would have been more informative  to provide a grade on their campaign promises. Did the Conservative Party of Canada deliver? Susan, the Canadian public and voters would be better served if you and your newspaper provided actual insight if the Conservatives were consistent in their convictions.  The readers and viewers of mainstream media are fed up with partisan cheer leading masquerading as journalism. Canadians are tuning out  in larger numbers from politics and the stories on the Hill are not relevant in my opinion. Look for waste and real corruption in our politics. This is not a search for Canadian Idol and what leader has the most polish. Perhaps Susan can follow her own advice for Ignatieff about being real and relevant.

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I have included a link to puff pastry recipes here. It may be as helpful in evaluating campaign promises as her piece  on the demoralized state of affairs within the liberal-left coalition. I enjoy light and fluffy, but if you want some easy Italian recipes  with substance I included a book from Chef Mario Batali. His homepage is here.

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