Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Liberal Vuvuzela Communication Strategy

Vuvuzela: Coalition Communication 2011
It is clear to most Canadians the communications strategy deployed by the Liberal left coalition is not working in driving support for a change in government. It appears the coalition are intent in continuing the vuvuzela effect in 2011. A cheap plastic noisemaker.

Will Michael Ignatieff's European Vacation provide him with an opportunity to improve on his messaging in 2011?  Will the Liberals drop the political stunts in 2011 to focus on the economy and jobs? Many of us don't expect the Separatist Bloc or the NDP to be taken seriously but in tacking left and pretending to be socialists the Liberals are looking the least consistent.The Liberals gutted the health, education and social programs. Ignatieff talks about those cuts with pride and balancing the books on the most vulnerable.

Noisemaker of the Year?
After listening to the endless buzzing noises from the opposition benches about issues that don't matter to the majority of Canadians for the last few years, a new communication strategy is in order. If the Liberals fail to make the appropriate changes, Canadians will continue to tune out the opposition and MSM cheerleaders crying wolf every other week.

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