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Conservative Majority: End of Liberals?

I give credit where credit is due. The Conservatives have demonstrated the benefit of playing the 'long' game in convincing successful Canadians to enter the nasty world of politics. The culture of winning is not an accident, winners make their destiny. The Conservative Party of Canada is the party of Canada.
Making a case beyond winning: A case for a majority is needed.
  • Law and Order vs Rehabilitation Industry
  • Political Welfare Ends: Conservative will end political party subsidies
  • Invite genuine refugees vs Immigration Industry protection of  Economic migrants with $ 50k
  • Protecting our environment vs Energy lobbyists wealth redistribution programs
  • Economic Management: less waste and better management of programs.
I still find it amusing Liberal bloggers think losing by less than one thousand votes is good news. A riding held for twenty two years: the liberal base in Vaughan did not abandon the former Liberal MP Mayor Elect Maurizio Bevilacqua. He handily dispatched the incumbent mayor Linda Jackson. J.W.'s base failed to show up in Winnipeg North for her run against the Mayor. She lost and the long held NDP seat changed hands to the Liberals who ran a well known experienced candidate campaign against two rookies.

23 more to go and I will have won!
Monte Solberg agrees here.After all, they didn’t lose by much, so if you really squint your eyes and drink a case of beer I suppose it’s possible that a loss could look like a victory.
One veteran Liberal told The Hill Times even though Liberal MPs played up the fact Mr. Fantino won with such a narrow margin, the fact that the Vaughan Italian-Canadian community swung heavily toward Mr. Fantino is another signal new and old immigrant communities in the City of Toronto proper are ready to change their voting patterns. The Liberal noted even the large Polish community is shifting toward Mr. Harper, in part out of discontent with past Liberal measures such as the legalization of same-sex marriage, and in part because of the Conservative focus on crime.
While the Conservatives clearly had the better night, it's noteworthy that both parties lost comparable numbers of raw votes last night, although in much different ridings.-Pundits' Guide  What other long held Liberal riding is on the short-list? 'Vaughan showed us no seat is safe,' say Liberals.
Lac-Saint-Louis (electoral district)Lac-Saint-Louise Quebec's next CPC seat?
Now in his 12th season as the leader of the Alouettes, Smith is one of the most recognized sports figures in Quebec. Montreal fans first got to know him as a star running back for the Als from 1972 through 1980, and then as the team’s President and CEO from 1997 to 2001 and from 2004 through today. His first term as the president of Alouettes followed five years as commissioner of the Canadian Football League. He has worked tirelessly for professional and amateur football over the last 30 years, playing a key role in reviving the tradition and glory of football in Montreal and Quebec as a whole. -Montreal Alouettes

Harper was accompanied by Quebec cabinet minister Denis Lebel and three of the province's Conservative Senators, Leo Housakos, Jacques Demers and Judith Seidman. The emcee for the event was Alouettes football club president Larry Smith, who praised the Olympic "Own the Podium" program and Harper as "the leader who can lead us to the future."  West Island Gazette

The Tories are courting him to run in the Montreal riding of Lac-Saint-Louis in the next election.

Pundits Guide link here
The last Liberal majority compliments of Ontario had a similar pattern in Vaughan. Lac-Saint-Louis has seen a significant drop in Liberal voters showing to at the polls ever since. In 2000 the percent margin was 66%. It is now 22%, will a star candidate be enough to defeat the incumbent at the next General Election?
Can you imagine if Larry Smith joins the CPC? If he is able to convince retired, current members of the Alouettes  endorse his campaign? The thought of two time Grey Cup Champions going door to door for Larry might be enough to get many Liberals reaching for something stronger than a couple Tylenol eh Warren?


Update Plan B is working out according to Nik Nanos - The current configuration of national support for the Conservatives suggests that numerically a Tory majority government can be formed without a significant breakthrough in the province of Quebec. 

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