Thursday, December 30, 2010

Conservative 2012

Sixteen ridings from October 2008 within five per cent. Pundits Guide
Will the Conservatives pick up another fifteen or twenty seats without big gains in Quebec? Has the track record of the Government improved enough to put those ridings into play for 2011-2012?

The Conservative government of Stephen Harper grew in strength, until by year’s end the likelihood of a majority government looms whenever an election is called. Sure, we have problems, but compared to the rest of the world we are fortunate. Our banking system is so reliable and conservative, that it’s the backbone of the country and is saving us all. For the moment.

Canadian manufacturers will drive the economic recovery next year, picking up the slack left by debt-strapped consumers despite the loonie staying at or near parity, the country’s main industrial lobby says in a new report.
According to Pollster Darrel Brick from Ispos Ried the Conservatives Own every economic question by 20-25 points.’s survey of more than 200 hiring managers nationwide found 70% of employers are in a better financial position today than they were one year ago.

It is eerily strange reading the comments on Lib blogs and some newspapers that feel the public want a change to Liberals. It is as if they are not in touch with reality of regular Canadians. If an election is triggered by the tin foil brigade I am confident the low hanging fruit will be replaced.

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