Saturday, December 04, 2010

Canadian Christine Nesbitt

Canada's Golden Girl
Canada's Strikes Gold: Christine Nesbitt , captured the gold medal in the ladies 1,000m speed skating event in China on Saturday. It's her third straight win at that distance this season and her sixth individual World Cup victory of the year. Nesbitt set a track-record time of 1:16.07 seconds, beating Heather Richardson of the United States by almost one-and-a-half seconds. Germany's Judith Hesse was almost two seconds off the pace. 

You can send her a tweet here.  Her official site is here. Her blog here.

In Economic news, Canada is also rolling along rather nicely with a dollar hovering at close to parity, oil at close to $90 per barrel, unemployment down to 7.6% and our Stock Market firing on cylinders. It is a good time to be thankful as we have managed as a country to withstand the global economic meltdown in the banking and housing sector in comparison to our neighbours to the south.

Go Canada Go!

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