Thursday, December 23, 2010

Federal Politics: Ignatieff Biggest Loser in 2010?

West Montreal consists of three ridings: Liberals are upset Larry Smith is running
I am puzzled lately by Liberal-left decision to repeat the same tactics that have proven to unsuccessful since 2004. We have seen these personal attacks on Rob Ford, Nigel Wright, Julian Fantino and Larry Smith become an obsession by the media and the left.
Pundits Guide Lac-Saint-Louis safe Liberal seat
For the most part, Torontonians recognized one thing about their city after two terms of David Miller: Taxes had gone up but services had not increased or improved.
Just as Toronto’s mayoral candidates left voters lukewarm by talking about how to spend taxpayer’s money, the federal Liberals find themselves discussing spending rather than the Harper government’s failed fiscal performance. Worse, the Liberals are doing so when Canadians believe there is little federal money for jobs and pensions, and that programs like health care may soon be under siege. And it never helps to embolden Conservatives to label you “tax and spend” Liberals in a tough economy.-Ian Davey

Rob Ford was not consumed with attacking the policies of his opponents. and giving them  a spotlight. He was going to improve customer service at City Hall and reduce the burden on the taxpayer. Rob has been successful because voters had faith in his platform.

Liberals are consumed with personal attacks and their platform remains hidden. Many of these successful people bring a wide set of skills, experience that is reflected in their participation in the private sector, municipal politics, law enforcement, public service, professional sport and philanthropic activity. It appears the Liberals have a problem with people wanting to join the other parties.

Ignatieff prior to leaving for his European vacation has announced again they will not be supporting the budget unless it scrap the military purchase of nine billion for sixty-five jets. The costs are not finalized, delivery is not expected until 2016. Liberals now find themselves under siege from Conservative, NDP, Bloc, Green parties and voters.

It appears Ignatieff is going to ask the NDP or Bloc to support the Conservatives when they return with a new budget. The Liberals did this in September 2009 and spent all of 2010 trying to apologize for having presented little as credible alternative. Is this latest stunt an attempt to keep his job as leader or deflect attention to the fourth quarter fundraising numbers?

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