Monday, August 09, 2010

Iffy Crying Wolf Again?

August 2010

$ 10 Corn Roast (Boiled) at Sunny Hillcrest Farm

Can't they afford any new speechwriters on the Liberal Express?

We keep hearing the same rhetoric but not a single substantial policy from the Liberal Party since losing power in 2006.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is calling on NDP and Green Party supporters to vote Liberal next election to kick the Conservatives out of office.

“If you vote Green or you vote NDP at the next election, you get one result without any question, you get four more years of Stephen Harper,” Ignatieff told a crowd in Pembroke, Ont., Monday night in a campaign-style speech. ALTHIA RAJ, Parliamentary Bureau

He recycles the same talking points he made in Stoney Creek in Sept 2008. We know how that worked out with the Carbon Tax Program called Green Shift and Dion.

Hamilton voters did NOT send a single Liberal to Ottawa. Larry Di Ianni is behind Ignatieff in the video, now he has decided to run for Mayor instead of running for the Liberal Party. What does think of the likelihood of Liberals winning back Hamilton? How many ridings are currently not filled with a Liberal candidate. Dan McLean was another star who has walked away from the Big Tent party.

In December 2008 he went off script after pushing Dion under the bus and talked about National Daycare again, a East-West National Grid and Hi-speed Rail. In the 18 months of becoming the leader how many of these ideas did he introduce in this minority parliament?

How many  seventy-seven Liberal MPs are being whipped to miss votes in 2010?

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