Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Liberal-Separatist Coalition In Quebec: Firewall

Quebec City

The Free ride for the Liberal-Separatists in Quebec is losing its cachet. Only twenty-five seats are available to the Federal parties as the rest continue to vote against a united Canada for the regional French language separatist party.

Panneau arrêt au Québec
 The Federal government can prioritize with the other provincial, municipal governments that have a track record of being accountable and loyal to a united Canada.  Federal Spending can be targeted to those twenty five ridings that have Conservative, Liberals and NDP that are interested in a united Canada.

A map of Canada exhibiting its ten provinces a...

As a result of the majority of seats not being available in Quebec, the Atlantic Premiers are gaining ground against Quebec in their attempt block trade, commerce. 

Dexter said premiers can’t allow the narrow interests of their own provinces to get in the way of what is good for other regions and the country.

"The reality is that when good things happen for Quebec, it is seen as a triumph of federalism. But when good things can happen for other regions, they are seen as an affront for Quebec, and that just cannot be the case," Dexter said. "For them to try and stand in the way of something that would be of great benefit to our region, I think, defeats the very reason for our existence as a federated country."
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