Friday, August 27, 2010

Liberal Party Census Policy Designed To Protect Privacy of Wealthy Canadians

The Liberals are vowing to bring the census battle to the House of Commons in September by tabling a bill to reinstate the long-form census and remove the threat of jail time for not completing a questionnaire.
Another political stunt? When will the games end and real substantive policy debates be discussed by the Liberals?
After promising to not sit on your hands in May 2009, the Ignatieff led Liberals have at least thirty MPs regularly skip votes to prop up the government.
“If you believe, as we in the Liberal party believe, that there is a major role for the federal government in Canadian society and the Canadian economy, then I think the era of tax cuts is over for the foreseeable future,” Mr. McCallum said on Tuesday. He said the Liberals would not raise taxes.  - John McCallum April 20, 2010
Prime Minister Martin and President Bush Offic...
The party had become utterly dependent on finance by corporations. Paul Martin had been showered with $12-million to ensure that he became the next leader. Consequently, in 2003, Jean Chrétien introduced the legislation that was to be his final and finest legacy for democracy. Corporate financing was to be all but prohibited. - Tom Kent  August 27, 2010
2010 - The Conservatives took in $4.1 million in donations between April 1 and the end of June, compared to $2.4 million for the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois combined. For the Conservatives it is their best second quarter result since coming to power in 2006, despite months of negative headlines about deficits, Guergis and the G20. The Liberals raised a total of $1.6 million, down from last year's total of $4 million when they actually out-tallied the Conservatives on fundraising.
The only people who would benefit  not shrinking government are wealthy citizens who can afford the fees and increasing costs of regulation. The Gun Registry boondoggle is a perfect example of extra fees introduced by big government on law abiding citizens. The cost of government for Liberals is a necessary evil as our taxes or is it used as a means to control the population and learn private details of their citizens for resale?
One more fee to collect?
Why are the Liberals not interested in treating citizens fairly by keeping the information of the poor, middle class as private as the wealthy?
The donors to the Liberal party that earn in excess of $ 200k per year can afford a $ 500 fine for not complying with the Census, the single mother earning under $ 30k can not.

There is no comparison.
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