Sunday, August 22, 2010

Liberal Party Problems Are Self Inflicted

The Liberal Party has been in trouble for many years. The Angus Poll found the "rabid" Liberals were deluded about their party's strength.

The realization that the framing of Iggy leadership since January is sticking and his numbers are sinking fast.

The majority are not paying attention to the inside baseball stuff from Ottawa. What we are picking up is the pattern from the Liberals threatening another election every few weeks for the last three years.

The Perfect Storm this Fall?

Ontario Liberals losing support over scandals on the eHealth File. Check
Federal Liberals terrified to talk Vision or Policy. Check
Economy on slow shaky recovery. Check
Toronto Mayor Socialist Union Cave in. Check
MSM assisting in the framing of Just Visiting by asking where is Waldo and his policy and why an election. Check

Only Rabid Liberals that are deluded think they are in a strong bargaining position.(The June Meltdown by Hamlet was Harper's loss)

The Liberals have boxed themselves in by making demands that can not be solved in the SHORT TERM.

a) You need a groundswell of support to change the existing government
b) You need a reason to vote for the Liberal leader.

The Liberals have failed to make a case for either A or B.

The Willie Wiarton peek-a-boo Liberal leader has boxed himself in and appears to have no other option now but to show he has a "spine".

If he does not get concessions and backs down again, Dion II framing is complete. 

This was written 52 weeks ago and nothing has changed from the strategists within the Liberal Party. -Cancel the Employment Insurance negotiations; they are a waste of time

How did the Liberals lose the Canadian Voter: Mistake # 2

The Liberals’ failure to own a single major issue in 2008 underlines just how serious the party’s situation has become. 

 Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not the most popular leader but people want him on the job when Canada faces serious challenges, a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll has found.- August 12, 2010
Harper has the edge on most policy matters, with at least three-in-ten respondents seeing the current prime minister as the best person to lead Canada in the event of a terrorist attack (37%), to negotiate with United States President Barack Obama on trade and security issues (36%), to deal with Russia on matters of Arctic sovereignty (35%) and to be in charge if there is another sovereignty referendum in Quebec (31%). - Results here
Angus 2008

What were the defining issues in 2008 that the Liberals were able to capture the hearts and minds of voters? What issues did they suggest were the most important to Canada and needed their hand at the helm to fix?

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