Sunday, August 01, 2010

Canadians Pay Price For Liberal's Petty Politics

Angelo Persichilli hits another one out of the ball park.

A senior party strategist noted that the Liberal advance team, seeking to highlight the government's alleged tardiness in spending stimulus money, had used the wrong field for an Ignatieff photo op last week, and that the park wasn't scheduled for construction until next year anyway. "In our rush to dump Stephane Dion, we have given ourselves John Turner," he sighed. Don Martin September 28, 2009

Angelo Persichilli is the political editor of Corriere Canadese.

Angelo Persichilli, an award-winning political journalist, writes each Sunday for the Toronto Star. Persichilli is the political editor of Corriere Canadese, the Italian daily newspaper headquartered in Toronto.
Toronto Sun Building
He has been a political columnist for the Toronto Sun and The Hill Times.
Previously, he was vice president, corporate development and news programming and public affairs, at CFMT (now Omni). In this capacity, he oversaw the production of Channel 47's daily news telecasts in Chinese, Italian and Portuguese. 

CFMT logoPersichilli is the recipient of the Canadian Ethnic Journalist's and Writer's Club award for excellence in journalism reflecting multicultural issues. He has also won several national awards for his contributions to broadcasting.

Hard to sustain can only mean one thing Michael. Hard for your ego to sustain.
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fernstalbert said...

Why is it up to the Conservatives to give Liberals a helping hand - this mess belongs to them alone. By not being serious about policy, leadership, party renewal and grassroots inclusion, they have deferred the health of their party to the future. Here is a little "cookbook wisdom", we all know tomorrow never arrives. Cheers.

CanadianSense said...

Are you asking why the media in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have given the Liberal Party a free ride?

Why has the media jumped on every fake scandal for months?

Why the media does not follow up or omit facts to give a balanced assessment of the story?

I have said the media have their own agenda, and the risk of competition has created many foes opposing deregulation.

The Conservative led minority has done a number on the fragmented left. They need to close the deal with their incremental policy changes to help Canadians regain their individual liberty and freedom.

kursk said...

Angelo is as Liberal as they come..witness the articles that are linked below the story..

CanadianSense said...

Angelo is critical of every federal party when they make mistakes or fail in his opinion.

He was attacked by Liberals when he wrote about a meeting with Ignatieff loyalists who were moving to the Rae camp.

He also does not dedicate his agenda to pushing fake scandals which have consumed most of the national media.

Naked Ape said...
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CanadianSense said...

You have identified yourself on your blog as a male from Hamilton have the Liberals rejected in 2008 must have been very painful?

No personal attacks will be permitted or rumours, you will need a link from a non partisan website.

Now the NDP are more consistent in their socialist policy of wealth redistribution.

If you continue to defend the Ignatieff led Liberals after he betrayed the signed coalition deal: you are a apologist for the Liberals because Ignatieff is not a socialist. He is just pandering to them trying to get the NDP vote back.

"I consider myself a non-revolutionary socialist ― that is, I believe utopia can be built up brick by brick and everyone enjoys rising living standards along the way."

If you belong to the NDP, Marxist-Lenin or Communist Party you would be a honest socialist engineer.

Are you a Liberal Party apologist and did you accept the decision of the Liberals to cut $ 25 to health, education and social services in the 1990's?

Did you also condone using the $ 55 billion collected from employers/employees for general revenue including those corporate tax cuts during Chretien-Martin?

This is your socialist litmus test.

Naked Ape said...

Actually Keynes was a centrist who brought about the highest living standards for the average guy in history in the post-war era. That had nothing to do with communism. The countries in northern Europe today are improving upon his ideas very successfully with high-growth, high-productivity economies, that are fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible.

America is turning into a third-world plutocracy, and Harper is trying to turn Canada into America.

History shows that the centrist mixed-market economy is the successful example, while the free-market experiments have caused meltdowns after big illusory booms and busts in the 1920s and 2000s. If free-market conservatives who created the Great Recession requiring a trillion dollar bailout get their way they will bring about another great depression, like they did in the 1930s.

I prefer Liberal leaders to be actual liberals. Iggy is probably the most centrist leader since Trudeau. I think he has some ideas worth listening to.