Thursday, August 26, 2010

Liberal Media Hostile To PM

Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaking at 2009...

The Liberal media in Canada can't accept the fact so many Canadians have tuned them out. In 2008, a large number of Canadians did not even bother to show up to cast a ballot for ANY political party in our federal elections in October 2008.

The large numbers of Canadians that did not bother to vote outnumber the combined vote of the opposition in the General election of 2008.

Canadians sat on their hands. The group-think in Ottawa can not shape public opinion and direct the voters how to vote or what to think.

August 2010: In Toronto, many Liberal media pundits are in shock and horror as Rob Ford is leading in the Polls to become Mayor. They have called voters stupid. The Canadian media are out of touch with the regular folks who are paying the bills and playing by the rules.

According to the Chief Political analyst for CTV, Canada most watched News -Final notes on the race nobody won

Victory Speech in October 2008
Stephen Harper says Canadians have "chartered the way forward" for Canada, after strong gains in Ontario gave the Conservatives a larger minority government.
"No matter what economic challenges we face from abroad, this is a land where people from every corner of the Earth have come together to build a peaceful and prosperous country without comparison," the Conservative leader told cheering supporters in Calgary. "Canada will always be the true north, strong and free."
He said the Conservatives would continue to ensure Canada is able to weather the global credit crisis, by enforcing firm regulations for banks and promoting business through low taxes.
"For Canada's $1.5-trillion economy, for the protection of the earnings, savings and future opportunities of our 33 million people, we have a realistic, prudent and responsible plan," he said. - Harper wins stronger minority government

The total number of voters that showed up in advance polls or on election day in 2008 was 13,929,093 out of a possible 23,677,639 (Electors list). Pundits Guide

In January 2009 the Canadian Liberal media obsessed for six weeks on pushing the narrative of a large protest, backlash from a delay of twenty-eight sitting days of our Federal parliament, Democracy was in peril according to Liberal experts. These same experts were complicit with the Canadian media in omitting the fact how often this was done previously. They tried to manufacture a crisis. The Canadian media tried to convince us it was a non-partisan effort. The Canadian Liberal media failed in all their objectives.

PM S. Harper with Queen Elizabeth Canada Day Celebrations

 If you don't want a change in government with you may not show up to vote against them. If you are motivated you make the effort and show up to cast a ballot in the advance polls or on election day.
PM takes ATV for a ride
In the US, voters have been showing up in greater numbers for years.

PM greets Canadians on Canada Day
The majority of Canadians are not interested, engaged, outraged to make the effort the change the existing government, switching political party allegiance and the Canadian Liberal media is very  unhappy.

Alicia Keyes
The Federal Government in 2008 earned more votes than Alicia Keyes has Facebook fans. Top Facebook fans 34/40: Alicia Keys has 5,207,052 fans.

Zac Efron High School Musical costars Ashely Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens
In rounding out the top 40: Ashley Tisdale (girl on right) has 4,360,226 fans and she beats the  2008 Liberal Party  voters easily with over a million more Facebook fans.

Politics is more than gimmicks, stunts or clicks of a mouse:  The Canadian Liberal media,  political parties in the opposition have failed to excite and bring in nine million eligible voters to cast a ballot in support of their party.

It is time for them to get serious and help the government with constructive policy debates in parliament.

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