Monday, August 30, 2010

Rossi Team: Every Hopeful

Rocco Rossi
On the same day that a new Ipsos-Reid poll found he has the support of just 7 per cent of decided voters, Rocco Rossi overhauled his campaign team. Sachin Aggarwal, former deputy chief of staff to Michael Ignatieff, is out as campaign manager. Bernie Morton, who had been poised to run John Tory's campaign, is in.

Last place. That's got to sting one week makes a difference?

 Bernie Morton, Rossi's new campaign manager, told the Sun Friday that the election's momentum was shifting to the City Hall outsider
The Toronto media, the attacks by all the candidates on Rob Ford paint him as the outsider.
Rocco Rossi took the job of fundraiser for the Federal Liberal Party and quit within twelve months? The public relations arm in the Liberal party boasted of reaching twenty million, it did not materialize. In the first two quarters of 2010, the Liberals fell further behind the Conservative Party of Canada, they exceeded their best numbers since 2006. What exactly did Rocco Rossi know about the Liberal fortunes and what did he fix?
Bernie spent seven years working for a City of Toronto councillor after attending the University of Guelph as a political science major.
Ontario general election, 2007
Bernie has held a variety of political campaign positions over two decades. In the 2006 and 2008 federal elections he played a central campaign role for the Conservative Party of Canada. In Ontario’s 2007 election, Bernie sat on the Ontario P.C. campaign committee. He also serves as Vice President of the Public Affairs Association of Canada.
Bernie is an insider and had backed John Tory.
Sixty percent of the population is not happy with the choices (of Rob Ford or George Smitherman)," Morton said. "Now people are recognizing that Rocco Rossi is an option – he has the greatest opportunity for growth."
When you are in last place, it is safe to predict you can improve.
Sixty percent of the population do NOT participate. You must be eligible to vote in Canadian elections. In most cases municipal politics brings out the lowest participation in the electorate.

In 2008 a large portion of the eligible electorate decided not to vote in the Federal elections. They accounted for nearly nine million Canadians who did not bother to participate in choosing a candidate or spoiling a ballot.There are 1.5 million electors in Toronto's municipal election.Voter turnout in the 2006 election was 39%.
In 2003 it was a horse race between David Miller and John Tory. Barbara Hall and John Nunziata were only capable of winning one ward each.
The Liberal voters moved from Barbara Hall, John Nunziata to John Tory in order to stop David Miller come from behind rally. David Miller was supported by the NDP and union vote.
Liberals don't have alot of time to move their votes for the next mayor to stop the NDP and union vote this time either. Liberal candidate George Smitherman is wearing his Ontario provincial record.
In 2003 the voters had not suffered under seven years of provincial Liberals. In 2010 the voters are looking to punish everything Liberal. Is Rocco Rossi too closely associated to the Federal Liberals? 
Rob Ford is most likely to pick up the anti-establishment vote against more taxes, fees in Toronto. His honesty about the need to balance the books and deal with the deficit of Toronto is making the Liberals and Unions very worried.
Will the taxpayers show up to give Rob Ford a landslide as the incumbent who is the outsider?
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