Sunday, August 29, 2010

Iffy Dons Superman Suit To Save Democracy

During the day a mild mannered cosmopolitan member of the political class has found an issue to defend our fragile democracy.
What so endeared Ignatieff to the thinking classes was his cosmopolitan liberalism. His Russian family background, North American childhood and easy mastery of several languages seemed to qualify him as a citizen of the world.
Michael Ignatieff may an inferiority complex as a result of so many negative polls on his leadership. It is known in some circles as the Napoleon Complex. It is usually attributed to a person of short stature, but also include those who have feelings of inferiority. Let's be honest, Michael has a great deal of issues that would bring this to his daily life on a regular basis.
It’s the fault of the political class,” said Mr. Ignatieff. “In truth, politicians don’t know how to keep young people interested in politics anymore. This is a major challenge, not only for the Liberal party, but for the entire political class.” - Mr. Fixer at Liberal Thinkers Conference
No more ATV Rides: Super-friends to the rescue
If you travel outside the Ottawa bubble, you realize how out of touch the press and opposition are with regular Canadians. Over ninety per cent are employed, paying bills, raising families dealing with how to afford to send their kids to college and wondering if their savings will last in their retirement.
Most of us don't have the salaries in excess of hundred thousand, complete medical pharmaceutic  plans, rent subsidies, gold plated pensions that match politicians, civil servants. The entitled class have no problem with raising our taxes and increasing regulation.
On the last leg of his sixth tour trying to meet with the Canadians, the leader of the official opposition has decided our PM should not make a joke about riding on an ATV. Fortunately for us I am aware of the super duper powers and secret identities of the Liberal Party. In this exclusive NOT from TMZ I will provide proof how they will finally stop the neo-cons from unnecessary ATV rides in the future.
"With great powers comes, comes great responsibilty" - Uncle Ben I have been told by highly placed anonymous sources no testing on props such as door knobs, body bags, Canadians flags will be necessary. Phew!

The days of a rule breaking PM on ATV are numbered!

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