Thursday, August 05, 2010

Suvivor: Liberal Party Edition

Survivor was developed in 1992, it as a reality based television show that has been produced in many countries with contestants playing games to outwit, outplay and outlast each other to secure the prize of one million.

Canadian politics has taken a turn for worse lately with the official opposition refusing to provide a responsible alternative in parliament to the policies of the Conservative led government since losing power in 2006.
Media Liberals spent four weeks on a $ 57,000 reflective water effect

We have been bombarded by political games on the front pages for years that provides very little relief for the Liberal Party of Canada.

On the most recent trip trying to connect and re brand the party Michael Ignatieff remains highly critical of the government without offering ANY alternatives inside parliament that might trigger an election.

Dion - Ignatieff Best PM Nanos Research
Every pollster has captured the decline in support for the leader of the Liberal Party. This decline was quicker than Dion's and an election campaign totaling six weeks may deliver another historical low as a result. No platform, no policy, relentless smears, personal attacks, pitting Canadians against each other. - Nik Nanos Leadership: PM Harper leads with 34 point gap.

It's the economy stupid. Everything pales in comparison to what matters to Canadians.

Map of BRIC countries
BRIC Countries
The Canadian dollar was trading at 98.53 cents U.S., up 26 basis points. ...the value of building permits in Canada jumped a more-than-expected 6.5 per cent to $6.6 billion in June, Statistics Canada said Thursday. Most economists had expected a gain of 1.8 per cent. -Markets Down on U.S. Jobs Numbers

Double Dip Fears
We are reliant on a recovering Global economy. The Federal Government is moving forward on bringing more Free Trade deals with Europe and Bric countries. More experts are talking about the slow down in the United States economy and the possibility of a double dip. As the majority of our trade is North and South it will slow our recovery and may drag us back into a recession.
BRIC leaders
Leaders of the BRIC Countries

The BRIC are both the fastest growing and largest emerging markets economies. They account for almost three billion people, or just under half of the total population of the world. In recent times, the BRIC have also contributed to the majority of world GDP growth. According to various economists projections, it is only a matter of time before China becomes the biggest economy in the world - sometime between 2030 and 2050 seems the consensus. In fact, Goldman Sachs believe that by 2050 these will be the most important economies, relegating the US to fifth place. - Economy Watch

National Media Fails To Report Canadian Success
Is the mainstream media in Canada reporting the success of our bilateral trade or are they pointing out the negative and downplaying the growth in the relationship in the ASIAN outreach to India and China? -Foreign Press Does A  Fairer Job In Covering The Great Success Story in Canada
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