Friday, August 27, 2010

Ignatieff Channels Rodney Dangerfield

The poll found Ignatieff earned a net negative score in every region of the country, among men and women, all age groups and all education levels. He scored worse than Harper among all demographic groups, except Quebecers and those with post-graduate degrees.

Summer tour lifts Liberals, but not Ignatieff: poll

Only self-identified Liberal supporters gave Ignatieff an overall positive rating and even that was tepid — 54 per cent favourable versus 32 per cent unfavourable.
Liberal strategist reading Ignatieff leadership scores
Harper, by contrast was viewed favourably by a whopping 88 per cent of Conservatives. He also scored overall positive ratings among Prairie respondents and those with college educations.
Harris-Decima chairman Allan Gregg said the results suggest Ignatieff has failed to cultivate a base of loyal supporters who view him as their champion.
“He simply does not have a base out there, whereas Harper does,” Gregg said in an interview.
“As a consequence . . . the Conservative vote is far more resilient when it gets pushed down and, on the other side, there’s no lift for the Liberal vote that might be provided by leadership.”
  • Fundraising fixed
  • Grassroots on-board
  • Star candidates
  • Clear vision, a few policies with public support
  • United party of MPs  and Senators behind Michael Ignatieff.
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