Friday, August 20, 2010

East Coast Campaign: No Dancing Required

A big difference between the leaders is the rush to judgment and waiting for the facts. We have seen this play out for the media and the opposition parties on a number of issues.
"...last December, the Conservative government financed 20 per cent of Dresdell’s project to the tune of a $1.1-million two-year interest-free loan, just one of the fiscal stimulus measures of its Economic Action Plan. “Tourism contributes significantly to the socioeconomic development of Quebec’s regions and the well-being of their residents,” said Conservative MP Denis Lebel Minister of State (Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec)at the time. Denis Lebel took back his seat from the Quebec French Separatist Party (The Bloc) in 2007. The Bloc held this seat from 1993-2007.
Dresdell says he needed the government money to get him through the first lean years. “You try to fill a 100-room hotel with just tourists in the first year,” he says. Roughly 50 per cent of the hotel is currently rented to workers from the Hydro-Qu├ębec project, he says; though he expects tourist traffic to pick up in the next two or three years. “I’m a businessman, and as a businessman I’m here to fill up my hotel rooms. Of course I’m going to use my contacts to try and get business.”  -Stimulus
Prime Minister Stephen Harper strode up to a podium yesterday morning at the Rodd Miramichi River Hotel and just a few words into his speech, the smiles seen on the faces of the dozens of people in the room told the story.
A lot of jobs are coming to the Miramichi in the next few years: real jobs, federal jobs, secure jobs, and jobs that will pay a lot of money.
Harper said a new centre under the management of the federal Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada will employ 550 people who will manage salary and payroll services for some 300,000 federal employees across Canada by 2015-16.
"You will be able to find a job here in Miramichi," Harper said. "A city that anyone would love to live in." -
The Prime Minister said the $298-million initiative will save taxpayers over $80 million annually once start-up costs are recouped.
After the press conference, Miramichi Mayor Gerry Cormier went so far as to dance a jig in celebration of what he called the best news he has heard in what seems like forever - Times & Transcript
LUNENBURG — Prime Minister Steven Harper stopped by Wednesday to tell Nova Sco­tians he’s backing the nearly $15-million restoration of Bluenose II to the tune of $4.9 million. - CH

Moncton, New Brunswick - Prime Minister Stephen Harper today participated in the opening ceremonies of the 13th International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Junior Championships in Athletics in Moncton, New Brunswick. He was joined by Gary Lunn, Minister of State (Sport).
If you like, you can always watch the official opposition leader audition for Think You Can Dance Canada. Here is a cheap shot by Ignatieff on Helena, her husband and our Minister of Finance.
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