Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Coalition Parties: Risk Public Safety

The coalition parties of Liberals, Democrats and Separatists used their majority to stop a hearing into Airport Security breaches. The Vice chair refused to take over his paid duties (Mark Holland) to protect the opposition voting majority. He should return the $ 5,000 to taxpayers.

While opposition MPs had said they were happy to discuss the issue ahead of time, they quickly formed behind a Liberal motion to dismiss the meeting saying that it was the wrong committee to study the issue. As the committee broke up, one Liberal even said the Conservatives would have to find another way to “take a run at the Muslim community.” This is a shameless attempt to play religion-baiting with what should be a non-partisan security issue. Even Muslim leaders have said that passengers wearing the niqab should allow confirmation of facial identity — a fact that the Ignatieff Liberals ignore in their shameless attempt to play politics with this issue.

This is a security issue, period. Not a religious issue.

Why are we shocked?  That the national media and political parties are all too willing to play the religion - race card?

In October 2009 the Liberal Party tried to suggest Conservatives were racists during the H1N1 crisis.

Grand Chief Ron Evans of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs told a parliamentary committee the flyer was “very disturbing...it’s really troubling to our people.”
The pamphlet arrived on doorsteps after an investigation into an incident in which an official ordered 100 body bags for a First Nations community in Manitoba struggling with an H1N1 outbreak. The investigation concluded there was no ill will and the number was a miscalculation. Evans said the fact the flyer was apparently sent after the incident was resolved suggested the affair is now being politicized. Liberal health critic Dr. Carolyn Bennett apologized.

The same allegations were made against the Conservatives when a Canadian citizen was stranded in Kenya. The media were complicit in suggesting race was a factor. This person was incorrectly reported as a single mother visiting her grandmother. She was visiting her husband and that she had a younger sister was not part of the narrative by the national media. The media and opposition made comments the Federal Government should pay out $ 2.5 million to settle her lawsuit.

We had the national media complicit in playing the religion card during a state funeral our PM mishandled the holy host. They spent weeks playing up this fake story.

Thankfully there are people who are now moving against the national media agenda and politicians who play the race-religion card.

Welcome to Operation: Turf Mark Holland

Mark Holland is the Member of Parliament and Liberal Public Safety critic for the Ajax-Pickering riding. Mr. Holland is also the self proclaimed "leader of the charge to save the long gun registry". Mr. Holland doesn't care the registry has cost tax payers north of $2 billion just to put pieces of paper next to your hunting rifles and farm tools. Mr. Holland doesn't care that this wasteful legislation has done nothing to enhance public safety.

Mr. Holland cares so little about your opinion that he removes all dissenting comments from his Youtube propaganda page and blocks users who disagree with him. That's right Mr. Holland will block you, HIS BOSS, from subscribing to his Youtube channel because of your opinions. Mr. Holland thinks political police organizations which receive money from corporations that built the registry should have an opinion on the long gun registry but not you, his employer.

UPDATE: Another Liberal MPs plays racist card seeking faster aid from Federal Government.

Mr. Karygiannis Liberal MP is accusing the Harper government of withholding aid to flood-ravaged Pakistan because the community in Canada won’t help them win a future election.

A spokeswoman for Minister of International Co-operation Bev Oda, who oversees the Canadian International Development Agency, fired back at Mr. Karygiannis for his comments. “Canada is not ignoring the humanitarian disaster in Pakistan, and you can be sure that we are looking right now at our options to help the people of Pakistan every way we can,” said Isabelle Bouchard, without going into specific plans.
“This is not cheap politics. There are people right now that are suffering in Pakistan and we are looking at every way we can to help them, and we are not going to start doing small politics,” she added. “If the Liberals want to do small politics on the Pakistan people’s back, it’s their choice, but we’re not.

 Which party is playing small politics and dividing us on language, region, religion and race on a regular basis?

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