Monday, August 23, 2010

PM Stephen Harper Brings Hope

House Leader John Baird PM Stephen Harper
The federal government moved Sunday to kick-start giving for Pakistan flood relief by offering to match private donations, dollar for dollar.
Donations for flood aid made between Aug. 2 and Sept. 12 will be matched by federal money with no upper limit, Government House leader John Baird said. 
Will our allies show the same level of compassion and aid to Pakistan?
Tuktoyaktuk & the DEW line
Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be making his fifth visit to the Arctic region, since he took office in 2006 beginning Monday in Churchill, Man.
On Tuesday, Harper will head to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, then the following day to Resolute, where he will address troops there conducting Operation Nanook, an annual sovereignty exercise.
Wednesday afternoon, the prime minister will be in Inuvik, N.W.T.,  and from there, he will travel 120 km north to the hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk.
Harper is expected to make an announcement in Tuktoyaktuk, and there is some speculation it could be federal funding to complete an all-weather road linking the isolated community on the Beaufort Sea to Inuvik.
The North has never has never seen so much time, effort and attention brought to bear by any Prime Minister?
Wind farm on Prince Edward Island
Angry, screeching Liberal in PEI fears for own seat for good reason. A Liberal MP that used a doorknob as a prop to attack Federal funds for upgrades and repairs last year in Prince Edward Island will have his work cut out for him this time.
The federal government will provide $12 million for a wind power project on Prince Edward Island, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced in North Cape, P.E.I., Friday.
The money will go toward a wind energy research and development park and storage system on the province's north coast.
It will study the production, operation, storage and installation of wind technology.
Harper said the energy produced at the site will meet up to three per cent of the province's electricity needs, which translates roughly as enough energy to fuel 4,000 households.
The Wind Energy Institute of Canada will use the money to build a nine- to 10-megawatt wind turbine cluster consisting of five turbines. It will also build an electricity storage system that will be the first of its kind in P.E.I.
Will P.E.I voters make the decision to join with the other Conservative voters in removing ineffective Liberal MPs?
Prime Minister Stephen Harper repeated Tuesday that the federal government wants the Hwy. 407 extension to connect with Hwy. 35/115.
"We look forward to further infrastructure investment in the GTA in co-operation with the great province of Ontario including, my friends, fulfilling that agreement we made in 2007 for them to build Hwy. 407 all the way east to Hwy. 35/115," he said in a speech in Ajax.- Peterborough Examiner
Provincial Liberals have delayed the project news here and here. McGuinty Government Creating Jobs: Highway Tolls To Help Maintain Roadway
 A Request for Proposals for the highway extension will be issued later this year. The proposed highway extension would generate 24,000 construction jobs. Construction of the roadway will begin once the environmental approvals are in place, with service beginning by 2013

Will Ontario voters demand the Liberals keep their promise and deliver those jobs and complete the work by 2013? 
PM praises author physician Dr. Ray Wiss  at Sudbury Rotary Dinner
PM Stephen Harper's Bookclub?
Emergency room physician Dr. Ray Wiss has penned a followup to his initial diary about two tours of duty as an army medic and A Line in the Sand is available to purchase online from
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