Thursday, August 26, 2010

Election Drum Beats In The North: Oh Canada!

The Inuvik Drummers and Dancers gave a performance of several Inuvialuit dances. At the end of their performance, they invited Harper (and the ministers accompanying him on this trip, John Duncan, Leona Aglukkaq and Gail Shea) to join them in a dance.-Harper dances with the Inuvialuit

Around 300 people packed into a stuffy recreation centre in Inuvik, NWT on Wednesday night, waiting for a glimpse of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
While he was having private meetings, the Inuvik Drummers and Dancers entertained the crowd, warming up for their turn in front of the PM.

Lillian Elias, 67, was the person in the dance group who had motioned to Harper and some of his cabinet ministers to join the dance.
"I told them 'Come up,' " she said later. "It's always like that with our tradition. Our tradition is that we invite everyone to join us when it's time for us to have a dance.

"We like people. Non-native or native. We teach them how to dance."

Wendy Smith, co-coordinator of the drum-and-dance group, said she didn't expect Harper to accept the invitation. "So I was so happy when he got up and enjoyed our culture to the fullest."
Yes, I know the official partisan talking points is we don't need an election and it will be triggered by the opposition.
I think it is time to take the opposition to the woodshed for their endless political stunts.

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