Friday, August 06, 2010

Media-Coalition Efforts Fail To Dent Federal Conservative Agenda

Numerous Minority Budgets pass with Liberal, NDP, Separatist support.
Elections and Financial statements don't tell the narrative of the MSM and opposition parties. Since losing power in 2006 the collapse of Canada has not officially taken place and the Federal Conservatives continue to govern with in a minority with little opposition.

Grass roots opposition has not materialized.

The opposition and media have spent a great deal of energy and copy in complaining about everything from door knobs to the handling of a communion wafer. The Financial statements and election results matter and the rest is noise.

Canadians continue to reject the petty partisan politics in Ottawa and liberal biased media agenda.

The Conservatives took in $4.1 million in donations between April 1 and the end of June, compared to $2.4 million for the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois combined. For the Conservatives it is their best second quarter result since coming to power in 2006, despite months of negative headlines about deficits, Guergis and the G20. The Liberals raised a total of $1.6 million, down from last year's total of $4 million when they actually out-tallied the Conservatives on fundraising.

Flipping Burgers and Petty Politics won't bring back Social Conservatives
No Convention fees, No Platform and no more faking the resurgence of the emergence of a competitive Liberals grassroots reaching for $ 25 million per year in 2010?
Donations April June 2010 Pundits Guide

The New Democrats raised $747,136 and the Bloc Quebecois just $80,243. Since changes to fundraising laws were brought in banning big corporate and union donations the Conservatives have been at an advantage. The party developed a system of raising small amounts from a large number of donors during their years out of power, when Bay Street ignored their fundraising pleas.- Bad headlines don't dent Tory coffers

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