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Under New Management 18 months and No Specifics.

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M.I.A: Liberal Platform, specific ideas

If arrogance was an award, Ignatieff would be the undisputed world champion. Is this his fifth or six tour trying to connect with the regular Canadians? Ignatieff has been the leader of the Federal Liberals since December 10, 2008 and he has refused to lay out specifics on what he would do differently if he was Prime Minister. Dion did not understand when asked this question when asked in an interview during the campaign. This is shaping up to be a cruel summer for the federal Liberals. They are not providing Canadians with any red meat distinguishing themselves from the other political parties.
Ed Broadbent and Jack Layton at a New Democrat...

Canadians still don't know what the federal Liberals would do differently, but this failure to launch has resulted in cementing the the Liberal leader behind Jack Layton and well below our Prime Minister on almost ever issue and leadership measurement. The honeymoon was short lived. The Liberals squandered the good will of Canadians to be open to new ideas and new leaders.

...he is hampered by the fact that the Liberals have so little to say about so much.

After 18 months, five-six tours when will the media begin to postulate the Liberals have not released any specifics or ideas to move Canada forward because they don't have any?

Maybe the federal Liberal leader's handlers are right that expectations for their man have sunk so low that Canadians will be dazzled by his ability to flip hamburgers without dropping one. - Summer means school for some luckless politicians
Liberals on Pablum Tour?

 He gives a ringing endorsement of medicare, but without any indication of what he would do to keep it funded once current federal-provincial arrangements expire. Asked about helping children with learning disabilities, he talks about involving churches and service clubs. - A day with Michael Ignatieff (and Uncle Vladimir) as the Liberal leader tries to show voters he’s a normal guy.

Ignatieff in a Stoney Creek landmark avoided talking about specifics, the corporate tax cuts by the Provincial Liberals led by Dalton McGuinty and the lower costs of doing business in Quebec as a reason for the closure of the dairy plant by the Quebec owner.

Ignatieff has promised in Canada 150 to adopt the NDP policy to repeal the next round of corporate tax cuts promised by the Federal government.
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
"Conservatives have let this go to waste, and now we're in a situation where AECL can't get Lepreau done on time and on budget: big surprise. It's because we haven't got federal leadership from the Conservative government."
However, when Ignatieff was asked how a federal government under Liberal control would have avoided the major cost overruns at Point Lepreau, the answer he offered strayed away from specifics.
"I have never been (into) coulda', woulda' shoulda' questions, so I'm not going to go into it," said Ignatieff.

Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro and Canadian...
Trudeau did not push pablum
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