Monday, August 23, 2010

Miss Mike Harris yet?

"...public accounts released Monday show the province's debt grew by $35 billion to $212.1 billion, with the increase going mainly to financing the deficit.
Ontario's debt was $138.8 billion in 2003-04, the first full year in office for the Liberals.
Despite the red ink, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan cast the lower-than-expected deficit figure as a positive indicator for the future.

The Province’s Total Debt is $156.9 billion as of September 30, 2005. Total Debt is projected at $158.7 billion as of March 31, 2006. Page 115 2005 Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review

Are your Ontario Hydro rates going up? How are those health improvement fees in Ontario, feel better? Did you get your raise this year? 

  1. Ontario's elected representatives are getting more money for the work they do after they voted to give themselves a 25 per cent pay raise just four days before Christmas.
    The raise means the base salary for an MPP will go up by $22,000, giving each elected representative $110,000 annually. Cabinet ministers will get an extra $31,000 to earn $157,633 a year and the premier will get a $39,000 raise, making his annual paycheques $198,620.
  2. The vast majority of Ontarians face sharply higher power costs after the province’s energy board raised the regulated price of electricity by 12 per cent, effective May 1.
  3. The premium is a surtax on the provincial income tax. Since being introduced, it will have raised a total of $9.3-billion (to the end of this fiscal year)

 Do you miss some commonsense at Queen's Park?

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