Saturday, September 12, 2009

How did the Liberals lose the Canadian Voter: Mistake # 2

How did the Liberals lose the Canadian voter?

Going negative or talking down an opponent over their policies is "fair play" in politics. Fear mongering has a long history and has been used by ALL parties.

The Liberals will apologize over this latest gaffe as many Canadians will not accept their position. Reminding Canadians we are SMALL or that we are diminished in the eyes of world because we did not keep the Liberals in power reeks of arrogance.

Liberals blame voters for getting it wrong: arrogance exposed.

"The message that Canadians should not be proud of our flag, the symbol of our nation and our sovereignty, has no place in this country's political system," Ashfield said indignantly.
Carr and Ashfield want Liberal officials to apologize for the offensive message.
But Fry says the Tories are deliberately taking the message out of context.
"This postcard represents what Liberals are hearing from everyday Canadians from coast, to coast, to coast: that, under Stephen Harper, Canada is becoming a diminished light and force on the world stage," Fry told The Telegraph-Journal.
"Mr. Harper has tarnished our international reputation when it comes to climate change, the United Nations, respect for human rights, peacekeeping, and the list goes on."
Fry said it is not meant as a slight against the military."

The Liberals’ failure to own a single major issue in 2008 underlines just how serious the party’s situation has become.

The Canadian Political Pulse, conducted by Angus Reid Strategies in partnership with the Toronto Star, has found that 57 per cent of respondents are against the opposition parties toppling the Conservative government to trigger an election. Conversely, 32 per cent would support this move.

The online survey of a representative national sample shows that 37 per cent of Canadians who voted for the Liberal Party in the last election oppose the notion of toppling the government. The same is true for 41 per cent of New Democratic Party (NDP) voters, 33 per cent of Bloc Québécois voters, and 49 per cent of Green Party voters.

Almost half of Canadians (47%) are satisfied with the way the federal government has handled the ongoing economic crisis, while 45 per cent are unhappy with their actions.

The Bloc suggest two peas in a Pod?


Dear Michael Ignatieff/Adler Commentary

Roy Green on the Corus Radio Network about the last time there was an election and he Bob Rae and you Michael Ignatieff didn't like the people's outcome..didn't like the cut of their was an outcome which you Liberals felt was hard to sustain-- ( Green with Rae )

hard to sustain
Hard to sustain can only mean one thing Michael. Hard for your ego to sustain. Despite the fact that Harper's party got 143 seats and yours got about half that many, you felt it the voters outcome the people's outcome was hard to sustain...And so now you want another election another 300 million spent. The issue? There is no issue, except the one your old nemesis just referred to. The idea of you not being power is too hard to sustain.

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