Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is Micheal Ignatieff a pair of "brown shoes" in a tuxedo world?

"Even in his short-term goal, of punting to Layton, Ignatieff is giving up the ball. Ignatieff has given the balance of power in the minority House over to Layton. There are two things Layton likes - being on camera and being relevant, and Ignatieff's gambit assures him of both when the Commons resumes tomorrow after the recess. The NDP and the Conservatives are not an obvious fit, but Layton can take the balance of power out for a test drive." L. IAN MACDONALD

"There's still time for the prime minister to do the right thing."
"We'll side with the Canadian people, that's who we'll side with," Layton told CTV News Channel on Saturday. "And I guess I'm looking for results for Canadians.
If Prime Minister Stephen Harper proposes a motion to adopt his government’s home renovation program, “We'll support it,” Duceppe said. “We proposed it,” he added. “It would be incoherent to say we’re against something we asked for.”         
The Toronto Star, known by many as the Liberal Star has an editorial today that challenges the wisdom of the strategy of the Liberal Party to push for a fourth election if five years.What's the reason for an election? For Ignatieff has yet to offer Canadians a compelling reason to oust the Conservatives and put the Liberals back in power. -Toronto Star Editorial

Did ANYONE imagine reading a Toronto Star editorial critical of the Liberal Party?

Why is the biggest cheerleader of  the Liberal Party trying to stop the beating of the "war drums" in the Liberal Party? In the last October election the Toronto Star was one of the few papers that endorsed Dion. Is the editorial staff losing confidence in the Liberal Party and the leadership?

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