Thursday, September 24, 2009

Amateur Hour: Liberals protest Tim Hortons and Burlington City Park

"Look at the field behind me, it is not getting done," Ignatieff said.
Burlington Mayor Cam Jackson said the Liberals picked the wrong field to stage their press conference. The park project just got environmental approval last week and wasn't planned for years."This project was not slated to be done for seven years," Jackson said. He added he won't criticize the Tories or the provincial government on infrastructure spending because he has projects happening all over his municipality.
Burlington Mayor Cam Jackson, who appeared alongside Mr. Baird, later criticized Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Kennedy for what he described as a disingenuous photo op. “I can tell you it was a great visual shot, but I mean it just lacked the substantive facts that gave credibility to it,” the mayor said.
He said there was never any thought that construction would begin on this $6.9-million project, which is to be a multi-use park, until sometime next year.
And he suggested Mr. Ignatieff doesn’t understand how the infrastructure program actually works. He also said he found it “objectionable” that Mr. Kennedy criticized Premier McGuinty for being a partner with the federal government.
Tim Hortons chief financial officer Cynthia Devine said it's hoped the reorganization will improve efficiency, growth and competitiveness.
"Finally, this reorganization will help Tim Hortons align itself to continue to take advantage of lower Canadian tax rates," she said. "These lower tax rates help us and companies like us keep more capital at work and achieve our priority in reinvesting in the business for future growth in our company."
Liberals look small and disgenious by attacking without presenting an alternative and an environmental record of inaction. “I love my double-double as much as the next guy,” said Liberal Energy and Environment Critic David McGuinty. “But examining the latest in doughnut technology while the rest of the world’s leaders gather to confront the challenge of climate change is like Nero’s fiddling while Rome burns.”
Rome is a city in Italy. The Liberal Party is not the Roman Empire.
After a summer that saw the federal Conservatives and Liberals in a virtual tie, the Tories have opened up a comfortable lead over the Liberal Party and appear to be making a breakthrough in Toronto, a new poll suggests.
I don't understand who is advising the Liberal Party to make these mistakes. Someone needs to be fired.
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