Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stephen Harper, Best PM? National Poll confirms bad news for Liberal leader.

Nik Nanos has conducted a National Poll on the Leadership Index Score between September 3, 2009 through September 11, 2009.

Q1. Which of the federal leaders would you best describe as: The most trustworthy? 

Q2. Which of the federal leaders would you best describe as: The most competent leader?

Q3.  Which of the federal leader would you best describe as: The leader with the best vision for Canada's future?

The combination of all these provide the Leadership Index Score.

Leadership Scored 2009/04 through 2009/09
  1. Stephen Harper                          99  (+7)
  2. Michael Ignatieff                         54  (-11)
  3. Jack Layton                               40  (+3)
  4. Gilles Duceppe                          19  (-1)
  5. Elizabeth May                            14  (-4)

The Liberal leader ended his honeymoon in June 2009, his numbers are sinking fast. The new Liberal leader is now tied the LSI of Dion score of Feb 2008.


Ronald O'Dowd said...


You aren't very counterintuitive, are you?

Your weakness is always going with the conventional wisdom. Think out of the box man -- factor in the tremendous firestorm that is brewing in the NDP ranks. The longer that festers, the sooner I will have a broad grin on my face!

CanadianSense said...

What about the frustration by those Liberals in Ontario who barely won their seats?

Will those Liberals be thrilled to vote against the Home Reno Tax?

It looks like not every party is ready to fight an election.

I use the punditsguide for nomination and finances.

If the NDP internal polling show a loss of 20 seats why would they rush back to the polls?

That is what Harper, Ignatieff knew a month ago.

The Bloc and NDP may lose seats to the Liberals. They prefer a Liberal with 77 seats. Harper is not a threat in Quebec.

Even if the Bloc gain seats, the Liberals will gain 4-10 seats in Quebec, unless they can drive support farther down.

Why not wait until 2011 to have more time for the CPC to do the dirty work?

Patrick Ross said...

Whenever the Liberals significant gains they tend to make them at the NDP's expense.

I doubt a lot of NDP voters are so desperate to see the Conservatives out of office so badly that they want to see the party lose half a dozen seats.

CanadianSense said...

How do you support the "firestorm" brewing in the NDP ranks?

A few MP's in a safe ridings making statements?

Let's review the tape.

Sept 1, 2009 Liberal leader declares his party will not support the government any longer and will adopt the NDP principle of rejecting every bill before reading it because they don't trust Harper.

The NDP adopt the Bloc strategy to review each Bill on a case by case basis.

The Polls show a 3% gain from October 2008 results and that would mean possible 10-12 seats being lost to the Liberals in 2009.

The NDP have nothing to gain in seats. The NDP are not prepared they are short on nominations, financial resources so if they go in six months why is that a problem?

Why not let those 10%'s go out with only the Liberals wearing their decisions against the Home Reno Credit, EI improvements?

I already mentioned, the Bloc and NDP should let the Liberals twist in the wind for months.

Let the Liberals continue lose credibility by making threats while the economy continues to improve.

The CPC machine is doing a great job framing the Liberals and Iggy in wanting an unecessary election for personal gain.