Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Hidden Agenda: Are Liberals consumed with returning to Power at any Cost?

The Liberal Party is attacking the government suggesting they are unfit to govern. What are the criticisms used by the Liberal Party is replacing the current government.

This speech revealed a man who left Canada in 1978 with a vision of his country fixed in his head, and returned 30 years later with that same image in place. The country has moved on since then; Ignatieff's understanding of it hasn't. He clearly has little comprehension of the country he wants to lead, of the way it thinks and acts, of its motives and aspirations, of its very image of itself.

..a number of senior Grits emerged from a special strategy meeting to argue that Mr. Harper has ignored Canada's multicultural heritage, has no pride in the country's health-care system and has ignored cultural workers. "As a Canadian woman, as a woman of African ancestry, I'm not a 'left-wing fringe group,'" trilled permanently peeved Liberal MP Marlene Jennings. The Grits were in such good humour that they were running around the lobby of the House of Commons yesterday handing out pink lapel pins that read: "Je ne suis pas une marginale de gauche."

The Liberals took the unusual step today of calling in the media after the regular strategy meeting with leader Michael Ignatieff, using the event to bash the prime minister.B.C. Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh said the NDP can do what they want, but the Tory government hasn't changed its ways and Harper is still "a bully and will be a bully tomorrow."Quebec MP Marlene Jennings said the prime minister's recent videotaped address to supporters was a direct attack on gays, lesbians and other minorities.

"Normally going into an election, there’s about 65 per cent of Canadians who continue to say they don’t want an election," said Mr. Cuzner, a longtime Ignatieff loyalist."That’s historically. Now it’s a little bit higher. It’s about 70 per cent. That’s probably being reflected. He’s being seen as the guy who may be responsible for it."Mr. Cuzner says he expects those numbers would move in a campaign."Once we start an election campaign, they’ll see that he has a purpose and he has a vision for the country that Canadians are going to respond to," he said.

Michael Ignatieff's decision to call time on the Conservatives appears to have unified his party as never before -- it seems he now presides over an entire caucus of what Jean Chr├ętien famously called "nervous Nellies." 
One MP said  the mood at the caucus meeting in Sudbury was "near unanimous" against a fall election. Yet, less than an hour after caucus had debated the issue, the Liberal leader emerged to hand down his decision. "We might as well have stayed in bed," said the MP.-John Ivison

I spoke with many MPs last week, mainly Liberal, and the vast majority say they're against another early election too. -Angelo Perschilli  The Hill Times 

Hard to sustain can only mean one thing Michael. Hard for your ego to sustain.
Despite the fact that Harper's party got 143 seats and yours got about half that many, you felt it the voters outcome the people's outcome was hard to sustain...And so now you want another election another 300 million spent. The issue? There is no issue, except the one your old nemesis just referred to. The idea of you not being power is too hard to sustain.

Is Michael Ignatieff' the Kayne West of Canadian Politics? What has been the direction of his polling numbers and public reaction towards the Liberal leader since his June 2009 press conference? The Liberal Leader has a LSI that is now heading below the levels of Dion. The Canadian public is sending a message to the Liberal Party, they are not interested in another election at this time. They don't want the opposition to topple the government. Do the negative attacks on the government by the Liberal Party painting the "reformist" government as racist, mean, homophobic, small minded, sexist drive away the voters? So much for taking the high road and comparing policy.

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