Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prime Minister Dominates The Political Landscape

The economy - Stephen Harper 40.5% (Michael Ignatieff 26.8%)
The environment - Stephen Harper 21.6% (Jack Layton 21.1%)
National unity - Stephen Harper 30.1% (Michael Ignatieff 28.1)
Taxes - Stephen Harper 40.1% (Michael Ignatieff 24.2%)
Healthcare - Stephen Harper 28.9% (Jack Layton 22.1%)


National federal vote intention:
¤ 37.0% CPC
¤ 29.9% LPC
¤ 13.8% NDP
¤ 10.2% Green
¤ 9.1% BQ

The Conservatives now appear to be competitive even among some groups, such as young voters and Toronto voters, once largely beyond their reach.

More ominous for the opposition parties is the startling difference in the composition of the most committed voters. Right now, Tory supporters outnumber the other parties in the “fully committed” voter segment by a margin of more than three to one.
“What this means,” said EKOS President Frank Graves, “is that the significant advantage that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives now have in public opinion may actually understate their potential strength in an election.”

Dalton finally catches up to Iggy and forces him to take a position.

Dad told Iggy get on board or else!

I assured him the Liberal Party of Canada is a party of government. We don't rip up agreements that have been duly negotiated by previous administrations.-MI

Iggy Shuffle
You put your right foot in,
You put your right foot out,
You put your right foot in
And you shake it all about.
You do the Iggy shuffle
And you turn yourself around,
That's what it's all about.

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