Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Michael Ignatieff leader of Liberal Party should heed this advice: Never Go Full Retard

Who is in charge of the Liberal Party and why are they pushing for an election when they are unprepared and have not won the support of the voters to replace the government? What is the SPECIAL SKILL Michael Ignatieff brings to the Liberal Party?

Clip 1: Kirk (Robert Downey Jnr), pretending to be an African-American, makes a point about characters like Rain Man and Forrest Gump - they never go “full retarded”, they always have some special skill.*

  1. Thus the Iggy experiment can finally be called a concrete failure. Turn out the lights, this party's over.
  2.  Quebeckers don’t much like Stephen Harper, but they like even less the idea of an election and they don’t view Michael Ignatieff as an acceptable replacement.
  3. He set the Liberal Party on course for an election it wasn't ready for, and set the country on the road to an election it doesn't want.
  4. It's also exceedingly lucky that Harper might be about to do battle with a Liberal leader who appears to be as politically unskilled and out of touch as Ignatieff seems to be.
  5.  “Our first task is to get Canadians to dream again,” said Trudeau, MP for the Montreal riding of Papineau.
  6. Ignatieff should forget any thoughts of forcing an election until his party has shown it has the troops and the unity to mount a real fight in Quebec and at least take a shot at relegating the Bloc to the irrelevance it so richly deserves.
  7. The only solution, according to another veteran Liberal, is to do what Brian Mulroney did when the team that helped him become Prime Minister started mis-firing - "clear house ruthlessly at the top".

 Nik Nanos Poll

The most trustworthy leader

  • Stephen Harper: 31%
  • Michael Ignatieff: 14%
  • Jack Layton: 14%
  • Gilles Duceppe: 8%
  • Elizabeth May: 8%
  • None of them/Undecided: 25%
The most competent leader

  • Stephen Harper: 36%
  • Michael Ignatieff: 20%
  • Jack Layton: 11%
  • Gilles Duceppe: 7%
  • Elizabeth May: 2%
  • None of them/Undecided: 24%
The leader with the best vision for Canada’s future

  • Stephen Harper: 32%
  • Michael Ignatieff: 20%
  • Jack Layton: 15%
  • Gilles Duceppe: 4%
  • Elizabeth May: 4%
  • None of them/Undecided: 25%
Leadership Index Score
  • Stephen Harper: 99
  • Michael Ignatieff: 54
  • Jack Layton: 40
  • Gilles Duceppe: 19
  • Elizabeth May: 14

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