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Angus Reid Public Opinion May 25-26, 2010: Confidence & Trust

Angus Ried Public Opinion has a Poll on the Economy and some Trust questions. Here.

Most Canadians think the economy and personal finances are going well. The opposition and the Liberal media are out of touch with the good news of the economy and things that matter most.

The worldwide recession has affected countries differently. How would you say Canada’s economy is doing compared to each of the following countries?

Canadians don't know we are outperforming the world and our media is too busy with the opposition ignoring the economic good news.

The data from OECD is old but it makes the point. In 2009 we started showing real signs of beating the G7 but our media was busy pushing small issues that don't matter.

Canadians care about their savings, their pensions, jobs and not about the silly games in Ottawa. Canadians don't care if Michael, Bob or Jack think they are smarter than a 5th grader.
If there was ever any doubt about the anti-government bias of the mainstream media in Canada, it has surely been laid to rest by the prorogue affair.
The press, with one or two exceptions, have always practised highly selective outrage. But this time they went berserk about the recent proroguing of Parliament. - Winnipeg Free Press

The Polls show the same results from the last election within margin of error, if the media does not invest in the opposition talking points.

Back to reality and important matters.

The Canada Pension Plan
  • Canadian assets represented 43.0 per cent of the investment portfolio and totaled $54.9 billion.
  • •Equities represented 55.7 per cent of the investment portfolio or $71.2 billion.
The economic wizards in the Liberals, Democrats, Separtists parties demand we not lower taxes for corporations. They focus on those evil banks, and evil oil companies, do they think that it will not affect the balance sheet of those Canadian companies and ultimately our pensions holdings? I did not including the large mining companies, or the manufacturing industry that make up another large portion of our pensions holdings.  A fuel cell, hydrogen engine, solar cell that will work for heavy duty or airline travel . We are making progress, but have to deliver the results commercially. Here.

The opposition have suggested freezing or eliminating the reduction of taxes for corporations. They don't promise to use it for debt repayment. They talk about spending on other projects.

The CPP Fund ended its fiscal year on March 31, 2010 with net assets of $127.6 billion, an increase of $22.1 billion from the prior year end. The increase in assets essentially put the Fund back to its previous highest level reported on June 30, 2008, prior to the onset of the financial crisis. The Fund rose due to increases of $16.2 billion in investment income and $6.1 billion in CPP contributions, minus operating expenses. The portfolio returned 14.9 per cent for fiscal 2010 compared with a prior year decline of 18.6 per cent. Here.

Are they interested in driving investment outside Canada?

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